Dreaming of a loved ones who died, is it a good thing or a bad thing?After reading it, I suddenly realized!

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When we sleep, many people dream of something.In fact, dreaming is what we have encountered or seen during the day when we are in the brain.Our brain, like a video recorder, records these things and play back in the evening to create what we call.

It should be noted that the characteristics of everyone’s dreams are different, and there is no fixed pattern.Some people say that they dream of dreamed of their loved ones a long time ago.So does this dream make sense?Among the elderly, there is a concept of reincarnation after death, and they are convinced.If you dreamed of your loved ones a long time ago, this may mean that they want to see you before reincarnation.Other people think that such a dream is caused by you too much miss.

Because "I think about the day, there is a dream at night."However, dreams are all subconscious reactions, which can reflect your true thoughts.Some dreams originate from your pressure, while others are because your thoughts are too deep.So, is it a good thing or a bad thing to dream of a loved ones who dreamed?The answer is not black or white, and everyone has their own understanding and explanation.The key is your own thoughts and feelings.

1. Psychological grievances.

When we were young, one person often came to protect us.If we are wronged, we will cry in the arms of this person.This person may be our parents, grandparents, grandpa, and so on.However, we all know that they cannot always be by our side.When they leave, we can only leave endless sadness.As we grow older, we have more and more grievances.At this point we recalled our loved ones, but we couldn’t rush into their arms as when we were young.It is precisely because of our infinite thoughts that we will see them in our dreams.

2. Filial filial piety.

China has always emphasized filial piety, and it is also the responsibility for children to be filial piety for their parents.However, not everything is what people want.The most regrettable thing is that there is no filial piety, which will put a lot of pressure on us.Because there are many unknown things in the world, we are not diviners and cannot predict the development and results of things.We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe we ignore some important things when dealing with things, and when the matter is handled, we will find that those important things have been missed by us.

We think that it is important to miss it, but what we miss is the life of a loved one.When we can’t say goodbye to them, the departure of relatives becomes the knot in our hearts, which is likely to appear in our dreams.A relatives appear in dreams, and may be reminded that we must cherish the people around us.

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