Dreaming of a kitten

When cleaning the cabinet, I found a box, opened the box and jumped out of a black and white cute kitten. I don’t know who sent this box. It has been a few days. The kitten is very lively and cute, and there is no trace of being hungry.

I quickly found the water for it, and my son liked it very much. Turn around it. I am a cat -loving person. I raised cats from a small house. At that time, the cat always drilled my quilt.When I grew up, I did not dare to raise it when I grew up. This bacteria and bacteria were sorrowful, so I did n’t raise it.

At this time, the door rang, and the son said who went to see who was back, and the kitten was gone. It turned out that he had a dream. The kitten was so cute.

My daughter bought back puffs, Napoleon, meat pine bread, my son cheered and took out the milk. My daughter and I drank coffee. A delicious lunch tea began.My son loves to eat meat pine bread, and I am still thinking about the kitten in my dream.

I said what the kitten was dreaming. My daughter said that Baidu was good or bad, but I really like the kitten.

The phone rang, and it was a relative who hadn’t been in contact for a long time. He was alone in this place. He was usually busy, and occasionally gathered together.The other party asked me where I was, saying that he had a car accident, rear -end, and not serious. Now I am in the hospital. I am afraid that my family can remember and tell the family that I need my family members to let me go.I briefly asked the situation, settled in the good things, and hurried to the hospital.

The sky outside is very blue, the white clouds are beautiful, but my mood is very anxious. I am afraid of dealing with tricky things. I usually live simple. I have no acquaintances, and I have n’t experienced too much.EssenceI really hope that there will be a person in front of the wind and rain, and I shrink behind him …

The hospital is here, and you have to rely on yourself.Speaking of the spirit, standing up his chest, walking towards the emergency department, relatives lying on the stretcher, the neck was fixed, the two colleagues stood beside him, and the relatives explored for a long time to take out their wallets and lists for me to pay. I am.He said that I had money in WeChat, and he handed me the wallet, and the colleagues next to him also said that there was a card.

The hospital is renovating, just like a maze. I asked several talents to find the payment office. He was not wealthy. I paid it with WeChat and took the document to make a CT.The infusion waits, the doctor said that there is no problem, you need to observe it.

I chatted with relatives and talked about dreaming about kittens. He said that he was a rat, and finally knew that dreaming of such a cute kitten would be like, still like the cat …

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