Dream of Red Mansions: No wonder Jia Zhen was going to stop for forty -nine days for Ke Qing, and see what secrets in her belly

Introduction: Qin Keqing in "A Dream of Red Mansions" can be regarded as the most beautiful person. With the daughter -in -law of General Sanpin Wielie, the funeral is actually more luxurious than his later husband, Jia Jing and the mother -in -law, and Jia mother.Even Yuanchun’s world is not necessarily so promising.

No one in Jiafu’s elders dare to discourage them. Why is Jia Zhen so willful?However, then, even if you persuade, people may not listen, and do not spend your silver, do you manage it?

The most eye -catching thing is that Qin Keqing actually stopped for seven seven forty -nine days. What happened to Jia Zhen?Is it really to reflect his love and affection for his daughter -in -law?

Actually, Jia Zhen regretted sin, because Qin Keqing’s death was too miserable. Not only did he die, he also died, but also a dead body.Qin Keqing’s belly, with Jia Zhen’s child.

Originally, the Ning Guofu was only well -known. Although Jia Zhen had a lot of Ji Ji, he had nothing to do.And Jia Rong and Qin Keqing are just young, and it should be very easy to get pregnant, but it is strange that they have not moved for a few years.

This made Jia Zhen anxious.As the saying goes, there are three sons of the filial piety. Seeing that the descendants of Rongguo Mansion are prosperous, but their own side is withered.

Jia Zhen is naturally not reconciled, but it is not advisable to accept anymore. No matter how many Ji Ji, it is futile.Seeing his daughter -in -law Qin Keqing, she was just a child and charming, and she couldn’t help but move her evil thoughts.Of course, if Qin Keqing’s own behavior is correct and the manners hold the prestige, Jia Zhen naturally dare not have this idea.

Through several tentatives, I saw that Qin Keqing also intended to "open the door for the king", and Jia Zhen dared to enter the ruler and go further.

However, Jia Zhen did not expect that Qin Keqing gave him an unexpected surprise.A few months later, he claimed that he was pregnant.Jia Zhen was overjoyed, thinking that it was "the sky is endless", so he advised Qin Keqing to give birth to this child -Jia Rong as a guise horizontal and vertical. Who can know the first and tail of this?What is not restricted? This is always the bloodline of Ning Guofu!

However, Qin Keqing had a lot of money, and this incident could not hide the sky at all. First of all, Jia Rong couldn’t hide it.Since Sister Feng came to play cards on that day, Jiao Dasheng scolded the "chopping ash, raising the uncle to raise a little uncle", Jia Rong was suspicious.Have something to do with Jia Zhen.

More importantly, since then, Jia Rong no longer approached her, and she became more and more sleeping in the individual, and she was also sick in her heart.Qin Keqing, who was no longer close to her husband, was suddenly pregnant. Even though outsiders didn’t know, how did the Jia Rong pass?

Therefore, Qin Keqing discussed with Jia Zhen and quietly destroyed the child. Although the Ning Guofu was thin, he could not let him "use his brother as his father" to mess up.

At this moment, Jia Rong gradually guessed that Qin Keqing called the "internal cause" of the disease. Although he didn’t dare to break it, he hated gritting his teeth. He couldn’t get the prostitute to die quickly, so that he would keep himself the "Dark King Eight".Therefore, when Jia Rong asked Qin Keqing to seek medical treatment, he repeatedly asked the doctor, "What time did she die?"

Jia Zhen is naturally refused. After all, Ning Guofu has not seen a newborn baby appearing for more than ten years. This is obviously not a good sign.Now, how can I get out of the dawn, how can I extinguish it?

In this matter, Jia Zhen and Qin Keqing were stalemate.However, at this time, Yu found that Qin Keqing’s sister -in -law was in the hands of Jia Zhen -the scandal could not be completely unable to take it.

Qin Keqing’s despair collapsed in an instant, faced with no face, and simply did not do the second break: "Where to start, where will it end?" Tianxianglou was the place where she and Jia Zhen had a secret interference, so it ended there.Therefore, Qin Keqing hangs in Tianxiang Tower!This is why Qin Keqing mourn the Tianxianglou.

Qin Keqing’s death not only made Jia Zhen lose his lover, but also made Jia Zhen lose hope.He felt that Ning Guofu was really over.After all, Qin Keqing was pregnant with his flesh, but he was born in his death and did not see the sun.So he cried and lost his voice–

"The size of the family, from a distance and friends, who does not know that my daughter -in -law is ten times stronger than my son! Now that I have stretched my legs, it can be seen that there is no one in this long house." Then I cried again.

I understand the meaning of Jia Zhen’s words now, right?He cried not only Qin Keqing, but also the future of Ning Guofu!And his son who was not born!

Everyone was busy persuading: "People have died, crying is not good, and it is important to discuss how to cook."

Jia Zhen clapped: "How to cook, but do everything!"

Jia Zhen ordered the four people of Jia Qiong, Jia Chen, Jia Yan, and Jia Qiang to accompany the guests. On the one hand, he instructed to invite Qin Tian Jian Yin and Yang Division to choose to choose the day.Essence

On the 49th day, a single hundred and eight people invited a single and eight people to worship the sorrow on the hall, and to turn the souls before the death, so as not to the crime of the deceased.Another altar is on the building of Tianxiang. It is 99 Taoist Taoist priests.Then he stopped in Huifang Garden. In front of the spirit, there were 50 monks and fifty highways in front of the spirit.

Why did Jia Zhen let people fight the grilling industry for forty -nine days?If Qin Keqing is just ill, what is the solution to "injustice"?What are the "karma" to wash?

Jia Zhen Mingzhi, Qin Keqing was sued, died, and suffered a dead body with injustice.It is rumored that such a dead woman has the deepest grievances and the heaviest anger, so it is necessary to surpass it.Therefore, there are these forty -nine days of funeral.

Regarding whether Qin Keqing was hanging, in fact, the book has been explained.Jia Baoyu mentioned it when he had a dreamy realm.

Baoyu once saw a picture with a building background, and a beauty was hanging on his own.There are also four sentences: "Love and love, the sea of love, love will be prostitution when they meet each other.

These four sentences are Qin Keqing.Qin Keqing was not dying, but the scandal was exposed after pregnancy. She had no face to see her mother -in -law and husband, and she was hanging from her neck.Jia Zhen cried so much that he cried his son who was not born.

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