Dream is a passage to enter the soul. Through the interpretation of dreams, you can clarify where there is a problem.

Everyone has emotions, and the mood will be different at different moments.People have emotions in dreams, and these emotions can often become key clues for our interpretation of dreams, and control the emotions in dreams can greatly improve the success rate of dream interpretation. Of course, this requires the cooperation of other dream clues.Among the countless methods of interpretation, Freud’s proud disciple Jung once created such a dream solution -expanding dreams is to continuously expand the most impressive part of the dream, and then interpret the dream.Among the many ways to solve the dream, although it is used less to control the expansion of dreams, it is indispensable.

When we interpret dreams, if the answer is not sure, and there are no other clues that can be available, then we can interpret the dream through the emotions in the dream, because emotions can provide us with clues.We once mentioned earlier that because of sometimes the idea of subconsciousness is very immoral in ourselves, it has learned to disguise all the scenes and images in the dream through symbols and other methods.There is a big difference between dreams and actual situations. Even sometimes the things in dreams are simply created by dreams, but one thing is very difficult to change, that is, emotion, whether it is the emotion in the dream or the reality of reality.The emotions in China remain unchanged in most cases.

There is a guy named Stick once said that -if I am afraid of those imagined robbers in my dreams, although these robbers are just imagined, the feeling of fear is no more real.Perhaps at some time, there are no robbers in dreams. Only something that looks uncommon at all such as little rabbits, but you are still afraid of shaking.Is it strange?

In fact, this is normal, because the scary "uncomfortable things" must be symbolized after analysis, and the "terrible things" that are not scared must be a symbol of something that is not terrible.

Freud once listed a case about the lion in his book: the dreamer saw a three -headed lion in his dream, one of them laughed at her, but she didn’t feel at all in her heart.A fear.Among them, the lion is not afraid of "terrible things", but why don’t dreamers be afraid?Because of her father’s beard -like beard, her teacher’s name was homophonic with the word lion. Someone once sent her a song collection of "Lion".The lion in the dream is exactly the symbol of his father, teacher, and ballads. Is there any fear of dreaming people?

of course not.

So what is a scary "not terrible thing"?If a person dreams of playing in the park, the park can be described as crowded, but the dreamer is very terrible.Why is this so?That’s because at this time a thought appeared in the mind of the dreamer: none of these people were real, they were all illusory.The park was originally a lively and extraordinary scene, but only the dreamer is real, and the rest of the people are illusory. Isn’t this a fearful thing?In this way, it is not unusual to be scared to dream.For another example, there is no one who dreams of a flower -like park. Only a person who dreamed is hanging around. The park is so beautiful, but quietly makes the dreamer feel terrible. Why?Because the dreamer feels that there seems to be a lot of ghosts around him in the mountains and flowers, isn’t it terrible?

As we said earlier, when the subconsciousness is in constructing a dream expression, in order to prevent consciousness from discovering our true intentions, sometimes we will disguise the dream, but emotion is a thing that cannot be disguised at all.What should I do if I am a moral concept of consciousness?It is very simple, it is still camouflage, but this camouflage is even higher and deeper, that is, it is more difficult to understand the symbols in the dream.For example, a person hated his father’s grievances, and even had the idea of killing him countless times.So the subconscious constructing a dream of a dreamer to kill the tiger and let the dreamers resolve the resentment in their hearts. However, this tiger and father are not similar on the surface.The case of killing the puppy dog is so obvious. In this way, the moral outlook in consciousness will not condemn the subconscious, because killing the tiger is not an immoral behavior, maybe just because the dreamer wants to be a one.What about Wu Song like a tiger hero?However, sometimes, dreams will not disguise the signs, but to choose reverse disguise on emotions. What does this mean?We still use the case to kill our father.Dreaming people dream that the father of his tyrant died, he should have been very excited, because his father was too brutal to him, but his consciousness was obviously unacceptable to this dream, so he was anti -emotional anti -emotional anti -emotional anti -emotionThe camouflage starts, and the dreamer will disguise extremely sadly in the dream to cover up his excitement, and the more sad this sadness, the higher the degree of excitement.In fact, the reverse disguise of emotions not only exists in dreams, but the same is true in real life. For example, a girl secretly loves a boy but is unwilling to admit it, so it will show extremely indifference to the boy.

Controlling emotions is a means of interpreting dreams, but how do you use emotions to interpret dreams?A woman made such a dream on the night after receiving a call from her grandmother: "I dreamed that my grandmother died, I was very very sad." Is this dream worrying about her grandmother’s body?If you say that, it seems more reasonable, and the emotion is normal, but please don’t forget that her grandma is just sick and not died.After receiving a call from grandma’s illness, the dreamer should show concerns, not the sadness of the death of his loved ones, so the sadness in the dream is likely to be a reverse disguise.The wish of death earlier.In this way, isn’t this woman too bad?No, the scene in the dream is just the idea of myself from selfishness, because I never consider the feelings of others. If I think that a person hates it very much, then he will kill him in the dream.

Regarding the emotions in the dream, Freud once pointed out another situation that the emotions in the dream are exactly the same as what the real dream is referred to. The only difference is that the intensity of the emotions in the dream will be super strong.Why is there such a situation?This is because there are other factors to strengthen this emotion.For example, a dreamer hates a person for some reason, and can even be said to hate him, but you can’t find the problem of this person to vent his resentment, so this resentment continues to accumulate, and and and of.Fermentation, if one day the dreamer discovered that this person did a bad thing, all resentment would rush out like a dam of the dyke. Although others may be resentful, other people’s resentment is only very normal.However, the resentment of the dreamer is naturally super strong because of the one -time outbreak of accumulation.

When we took the Chinese class, we all learned abbreviations and expansion. In terms of dream interpretation, Freud’s proud disciple Jung also created a similar method -expanding dreams.In common between film and television literature and other forms to help you interpret your dreams.For example, a woman dreamed of moth fluttering.The interpreter may think of China’s praise father. He chased the sun blindly, and finally thirsty because he was too close to the sun; he could also think of a legend of Greek mythology -a person used to observe the sun closely, so he used it.The candles and feathers made wings and flew into the sky. As a result, the wax on the wings was melted by the sun because it was too close to the sun. This person finally fell into the sea and was swallowed by the turbulent sea.One thing in common in these two legends is to chase the light, but in the end, they were hurt by light and lost their lives.The moth fluttering the fire is also chasing the light, causing the last life to lose life.Therefore, the answer to this woman’s dream should be the subconscious reminding the dreamer. What she wants to do or is doing recently is as great as chasing light, but in the endAnd walk.

For the expansion of dreams, in addition to professional scholars, many people may have heard of it for the first time. Even after learning many professional scholars, they laughed. Because in this wayTo be familiar with all myths, fairy tales, and legends, otherwise there may be an embarrassing situation of myths similar to dreams or legends.However, whether this method is a commonly used method, if we want to fully understand the dream of solving dreams, isn’t it good to know one more method?Even if it is not used in the future, it is always good to be prepared.

The novel can be adapted into a drama, it can be adapted into a movie, and it can also be adapted into a series. The characteristics of these audiovisual works are performances. Perform the original words, let the audience follow the emotional fluctuations, or crying or laughing with the characters in the play.EssenceThe seemingly boring and bizarre dream is actually the best performance material, but the starring actor of each dream is certain, that is, a dreamer, because only the dream people can make the emotions in the dream to the extreme, and can they be the extreme, and can they be the extreme, and can they be the extreme.Speaking of the feeling of dreams, other people can’t do it at all.The feeling of dreams is also the key clue to help us interpret dreams, so the way of performing dreams as a drama can also be used to interpret dreams.With such a woman, she dreamed that she was lying in a car number plate lying in the muddy land.The interpreter asked the dream to perform that license plate, and spoke according to the license plate’s tone, and said what he wanted to say.The woman said, "I am the license plate lying in the muddy land. No one cares about me and no one cares about me. I may have been a sign of Rolls -Royce, but now I am nothing.There is no use … "The woman opened her eyes and looked at the dreamer who smiled," This is my current mood! "This dream has been completely interpreted.It may be in a great sense of loneliness, which makes her feel that she has no use, and no one will care about herself anymore.Dreams are the channels to enter the soul. Through the performance of dreams, dream people can clearly feel the emotion in the dream, and understand where they have problems.

There is a twenty -six -year -old girl with pale face often vomiting without any reason, and she can’t find any problems when she goes to the hospital. She tells the dream interpreter., But like a movie, the characters in it are all activity. The heroine of the story and several strange men climbed the walls full of glass.So they wanted to escape. At this time, a few men rolled over the wall very easily, but the heroine could only look at them very horrified. At the same time, her arms were still holding a death in her arms.Babies. "For this dream, interpretation is very simple. It is nothing more than a girl and a man have sexual relationships, and because of pregnancy, the man fled at the last moment, leaving only her alone to bear the pain of abortion alone.For this kind of thing, the dreamer is generally unwilling to speak, so the dream -release person uses the way to make the dream -making person’s dream of enlighten him.

The dream interpreter let the dream who played the hostess of the comic painting in the dream and expressed her mood.The dreamer said that she was very scared because no one helped her, and felt that she was a very stupid and cheap woman.When it comes to this, the dreamer’s emotions are very excited, so the dreamer has to change the way to let the dreamer imagine that he is the friend of the heroine, trying to enlighten her.But the dreamer was still hesitant, and the dreamer had to say: "The heroine and the man went to a dangerous place, but the man left her at the last moment, letting her be in danger, and in her handI still hold a dead baby. "The dreamer fully understood what the dream interpreter was saying, so he couldn’t calm down.After the dreamer calmed down, the interpretor let her try to care about the heroine.The dreamer said that she would try to hug her, but she was shaking and shaking.Then, the dreamer said, "I will hug her tightly, tell her not to be afraid, everything has me, I will bury the child with her, and tell her at the same time that all this is not her fault. She should be her fault. She shouldLooking forward, she is not afraid of making mistakes, she still has the opportunity to correct it. We came to the front of the wall and found a half -open fence door. It could have been easily left, but the heroine still looked back at the child.In the cemetery, I told her that let it go in the past. You should look forward, so we walked out through the fence and the outside world was sunny. "At this time, the dreamer said to the heroine:" YouI have always liked the sun, and I feel how warm the sun is here! "The dream show here, the dreamer is not as taboos as you just started. She knows that the dream releaseer knows everything, soA long sigh, then raised her head, stood up and walked out, her face was no longer so pale.

We are not an omnipotent immortal, nor is there a sage who is not wrong. We are just ordinary people. We will make mistakes and leave scars on our hearts, but every scar can be transformed into roses, but this requires this requirement.We introduce the sun into the soul, and this channel is a dream, the way is to perform dreams like a movie.

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