Dr. Zhou’s question and answer (42): Will mycoplasma infection affect pregnancy?

[One question] Hello, Dr. Zhou, I have been married for two years, no contraception, and no pregnancy for two years. There are no major problems in the tubes, sex hormones, sperm, etc.The doctor said that there is no effect. What are the doctors, what other factors will cause me not to be pregnant? Both sides of the fallopian tube are unobstructed. Go to the hospital to see the doctor. The doctor always recommends to monitor ovulation for 3 months before seeing it.I have been consulting you once, and I want to ask the mycoplasma infection in the end without affecting pregnancy! My testosterone is high, and there are no problems with other examinations.The liquefaction time is normal, but there are many deformities sperm, and the number of normal sperm is only 6. The quality seems to be bad. The mycoplasma is infected. After two weeks of antibiotic review, it is still infected! Recently, we go to a Chinese medicine doctor recommended by relatives to see a doctor.The medicine was pregnant. We took Chinese medicine. The Chinese medicine doctor suggested that Chinese medicine conditioning is taken, and the mycoplasma infection should be treated at the same time. My Mycoplasma has only my husband checked it. I have not checked it. It seems that this is about to cross the infection., I mainly support it.My husband mainly treats the quality of sperm. I want to ask the doctor. Can I drink Chinese medicine in this case? Do you want to continue to take antibiotics? How long can I prepare for pregnancy after taking antibiotics?

[One answer] To get pregnant smoothly, you must have normal sperm, eggs, fallopian tubes, endometrium, endocrine.The 5 major elements are indispensable.If you are unsuccessful for infertility for 1 year, you need to check sperm, eggs, fallopian tubes, endometrium, endocrine, and find the cause of infertility. Different cause treatment methods are different.

You have been inaccurate for 2 years, you can diagnose infertility. It can be inferred that ovulation is basically normal, the fallopian tubes are normal, the sperm is normal, how does the endometrium do not know, and therogens are high.The measures you need to do now are to carefully monitor ovulation or promote ovulation. In the process, you can understand whether the endometrium is normal.You should consider the next pregnancy aid plan.The next pregnancy assistance plan is a laparoscopic surgery or artificial insemination.

What do you mean by high androgens? If it is beyond the normal value, you need to correct it before preparing for pregnancy. If it is high in the normal range, it will not care about it.

Don’t be entangled on mycoplasma. This problem has little impact on pregnancy. You still have so many important things to do. You have taken anti -inflammatory drugs, and you ignore this problem.

Do not oppose the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine, but to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine, it is best to see a consultation at the same time, and the success rate is higher.

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