Dr. Jing Preparation: Bleeding during ovulation, two menstruation!What the hell is going on?

Many friends are not unfamiliar with bleeding during ovulation. Some people came to ask: What kind of medicine should I take for bleeding during ovulation?How to treat it?What inspections do you need to do?

In fact, bleeding during ovulation should be an excluding disease, that is, it is necessary to rule out other diseases that may cause menstrual bleeding during menstrual periods.

The ovulation period is generally two in the middle of menstruation for girls with menstruation (28-30 days).If menstruation is irregular, then 14 days in advance in the next time of menstruation.The date of calculation, plus 2-3 days before and after, can be regarded as ovulation period.

However, many girls with irregular menstruation can not predict when it is the time for the next menstrual period, so it is necessary to determine the ovulation period by monitoring ovulation.Basic body temperature monitoring, ovulation test strip, and B -ultrasound monitoring follicles are all possible.

When ovulation, the estrogen produced by ovarian will suddenly fluctuate, mainly due to the decline of estrogen levels.In this way, the effect of maintaining endometrium hyperplasia will weaken, and progesterone cannot immediately have sufficient amount to inhibit the endometrium, which stimulates the endometrium, which will cause the endometrium to fall off and bleed through vaginal outflow.

If the bleeding time meets the days of ovulation, the general amount is not large, and it lasts for three or five days, then it may be.

Some will be accompanied by a lower abdomen discomfort or pain, which may be ovulation pain.Some husbands and wives will avoid the bleeding time in the same room because of bleeding during ovulation.

Of course, the most important thing is to rule out other diseases that are mixed in the crowd and are like bleeding during ovulation, and then we can say it at ease to say that it is ovulation bleeding.

Cervical disease

Common cervicitis, cervical polyps, cervical cancer, and pre -cancer lesions may cause abnormal vaginal bleeding. Some also happen to occur during menstruation, and they need to be distinguished.Do a gynecological examination and cervical cancer screening, including TCT/LCT or HPV. If necessary, do a vaginal mirror test+cervical biopsy.

Endometrius polyps

Endometrial polyps often cause abnormal uterine bleeding, and also like to bleed during menstruation.Usually a B -ultrasound, found endometrial polyps and bleeding, can be used for hysteroscopy to remove polyps.

Uterine fibroid

Subcidial fibroids or muscle walls that affect the uterine cavity may have similar performance, of course, more menstrual flow increases.B -ultrasound can help judge, uterine laparoscopic surgery can be clear and treated.

Care section incision diverticulum

There is a history of cesarean section surgery, endless menstruation or irregular bleeding, and you need to be alert to this problem.B -ultrasound and MRI help the diagnosis.The treatment is relatively complicated. You can use the medication to try the menstruation.

Uterine endometrial cancer

Or endometrium is not typical proliferation such as excessive hyperplasia.Sometimes it is difficult to judge. The B -ultrasound may only indicate that the endometrium is thickened. It is necessary to perform a diagnosis or hysteroscopy surgery to obtain pathology to confirm the diagnosis.

Endocrine disease

Poor lutein function, no ovulation uterine bleeding, etc., such bleeding may not be so regular.It can help diagnosis by monitoring the basic body temperature, luteal midterm, or the help of scraping.


The breeding ring is placed for a long time. If there is shift, incarceration, or chronic inflammation, it may also cause menstrual bleeding.You can take the ring and then observe.

Endometriosis or uterine adenomy muscle disease

Most accompanied by dysmenorrhea, or increased menstrual flow.Diagnosis can be diagnosed through gynecological examination and B -ultrasound, or laparoscopic surgery.

How harmless bleeding during ovulation

If the diagnosis is bleeding during ovulation, there is generally no need to worry about it, and there is no other effect on the body.The impact mainly depends on the amount and length of bleeding.

If less bleeding and short time, let it go.If bleeding is more and long, it is better to do a diagnosis first, there may be other problems.

Bleeding more and long time to be treated

Therefore, a few patients need treatment.

Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take oral short -acting contraceptives, which inhibit ovulation. Naturally, there will be no ovulation bleeding, or using progesterone can also achieve similar effects.

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