Doubt from girls: less menstrual flow, will it affect pregnancy?

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When you are youth, he rarely talks with classmates and mothers to menstruation. He always feels ashamed.Maybe, this is the so -called "menstrual shame".

Until college, girls in the dormitory talked about menstruation, and they joined their chat for the first time.In this chat, I found that menstruation would be so different.

For example, menstrual cycle, menstrual time, menstrual flow … Each girl is different.It is also known in the chat: girls have a small menstrual flow, which will affect pregnancy.

When I heard this sentence, my inner fear and anxiety really couldn’t control it.Because I, the girl with a particularly small amount of menstrual flow, and the time is short.

Does the amount of menstruation really affect pregnancy?

With uneasy emotions, called the cousin of a doctor, the answer she gave, smoothing my inner anxiety:

There are few menstrual flow and there are many reasons. If it is just a simple palace cold and physical cold, the amount of menstruation is small, then it will not affect the ability of women to pregnancy; if it is other reasons in the uterine cavity, it may have some impact on pregnancy.

Later, I went to the hospital for examination.After some inspection, my cousin said: I am a typical body cold, which may have a certain relationship with food that does not pay attention to keep warm.

This means that my ability to conceive is normal.As for the issue of menstrual flow, my cousin suggested me: pay more attention to keep warm, and at the same time quit bad living habits.

Warm reminder: Little menstrual flow will still affect the ability to conceive.If you have this trouble at present, don’t scare yourself, and go to the hospital to see a doctor in time.

How to alleviate the problem of less menstruation?details make a difference

1. Eat less cold

Most girls have physical cold problems, especially girls who do not get married, and have no consciousness of health, and the problem of physical cold will be more serious.Therefore, from now on, we need to change the diet structure and prevent eating cold food.

In addition, eat more warm foods, such as durian, beef, lamb.These foods have a nourishing effect and can alleviate the cold problems of girls.

2. Supplementation of qi and blood

Some people also say that girls have a small amount of menstruation because of their own lack of qi and blood.Even if it is not an aunt, girls with insufficient qi and blood don’t seem to have a spirit, and the state of the whole person is not very good.Then, the skin tone is not very well -proportioned, and the whole person is old.

The focus of the moment is of course to supplement qi and blood, and make up for the blood that had been lost before.When the body’s qi and blood are sufficient, not only will the blood volume change, but the skin color and state of the whole person will be better than before.

3. Adjust the schedule

Young girls like to stay up late, and even do not sleep for a few days in a row. I do n’t know if they should envy them, or they should say that they are ignorant.Staying up late for a long time will really make girls aging in advance, not only aging, but also aging in the body.

From now on, learn to adjust the schedule, do not overdraw health in advance.Going up early and getting up early, ensuring adequate sleep time every day, is also very helpful for menstruation.

At any time, you must believe in science and maintain a good mood.No matter what the people around you say, don’t go too much to your heart. If you are worried about your body, look at the doctor in time, always be more than you think about it, and then fall into the vicious circle.

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