Dou Xiao was in his head?He Chaolian’s lower abdomen was suspected to be pregnant, Dou Xiao had long changed his mouth to call his daughter -in -law

Father is expensive?He Chaolian’s small belly was suspected of getting pregnant, and netizens said that Dou Xiao finally "married" into the giants -an introduction.


During this period, the Gambling King family was very lively. The second room and the four -bedroom house had a new forces to join the battle because of the Macau gambling cards.A big news came out.

Some netizens exposed the photos of He Chaolian’s photo when taking photos. He Chaolian in the photo was wearing a black tight skirt. The abdomen was obviously raised and the pregnancy was full.The taste is still very "".

The photographer of the photo also clearly wrote in the copywriting that "the stars are also dedicated, and the pregnancy is still working". He is very determined that He Chaolian is pregnant. After the news is revealed, He Chaolian Fang has not responded positively.

After He Chaolian publicly announced that he was with Dou Xiao, there was a letter of pregnancy. When the little couple went to the temple to pray for a blessing, He Chaolian’s belly was slightly raised. At that time, some people doubted that she was pregnant.The photos revealed by the second netizen seem to hammer He Chaolian’s pregnancy.

He Chaolian and Dou Xiao’s relationship is quite interesting. Speaking of the wealthy girls and male stars in the entertainment industry, most of the first pairs of everyone thinks of He Chaolian’s sister He Chaoqiong and her ex -boyfriend Chen Baiqiang. After all"I send you to marry, you support me coffin", after nearly 30 years, it is still being praised.

He Chaolian is much lucky than her sister. At least in the target of the spouse, there is no too much interference in her family. She and Dou Xiao’s love is not low -key.It feels okay. Fans who look like Dou Xiao also like this sister -in -law from this giants.

When Dou Xiao and Chen Duling collaborated on "Liangchen and Good Green Knowing Geometry", a little red, He Chaolian’s image of "good sister -in -law" in Dou Xiao’s fans began to collapse. When the play was broadcast, he frequently ended "Demolition CP CP.", Normal people understand that one thing in the play, the outside of the play, but the sugar between the characters, let He Chaolian not see it anymore, not only in the fan group, the staff and actors of the show are strange.It is also said that the actors of the opponent’s drama are putting black materials and deliberately discredited them.

He Chaolian’s strange yin and yang is nothing. The most affecting the audience’s perception is Dou Xiao’s fans. During the promotional period of film and television works, the male No. 5 participated in the event. Dou Xiao did not come and did not cooperate with business.They all said that since Dou Xiao didn’t care about this work, why did you shoot?This incident made Dou Xiaoxi mentioning a new nickname- "He Dou’s".

In fact, when "Liangchen and Good Scene knows", some people have exposed the news of Dou Xiao and He Chaolian that have received the certificate. Dou Xiao changed his mouth early on the social platform, called He Chaolian’s "daughter -in -law", and Liu Jialing earlierHe also revealed that He Chaolian was actually married, but then he did not know why it was also called a misunderstanding.

Compared with whether He Chaolian is pregnant, netizens are more interested in whether Dou Xiao can really "get the son with a son" and successfully "marry" the giants?

Regardless of how Dou Xiao and He Chaolian collapsed, the relationship between the two looks very firm. Since the two of 2019, the two have public love in April 2019. They are in a state of love.Blessings on the platform are regular operations, and the time is even more inseparable.

Although He Chaolian’s behavior of announced sovereignty during the drama was very happy, but he could understand how much. After all, Dou Xiao’s profession made He Chaolian’s sense of security. He had to go online and said that He Chaolian was too harsh.

He Chaolian and Dou Xiao have also worked together for three years. In various aspects, the two of them are just a matter of time.The most clear, I hope they can last for a long time.

Author of this article: Lemon

Editor -in -chief: Cai Cai

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