Don’t worry about expectant mothers!The four techniques to ease pregnancy make it easier to get pregnant

I eat and vomit, vomit, and eat, the days of pregnancy are really hard

Friend Xiao C was pregnant. She was very hard torture and tortured. She vomited dullly every day.Sometimes it ’s too painful, and she speaks angry and wants to kill the child. Although it is angry, I can particularly understand her. The child in her belly has really tortured people. She has almost never eaten things so far.

We often say that mother love is great, but in October, the crime of being pregnant in October, and those who have not experienced themselves, really cannot realize all kinds of bitterness.Pregnancy vomiting is a hurdle that many expectant mothers must experience. Many Baoma mothers are hungry, vomiting, want to vomit, smell the smell of oil, and want to vomit …

How serious is the pregnancy vomiting? Many actresses have experienced the torture brought to them in pregnancy.When Sun Yanzi attended a certain event, she said that she had severe symptoms of pregnancy after she was pregnant with Erbao. She spit three times in the car before participating in the event in Shanghai; the host Zhu Dan once shared on Weibo that she was pregnant and was pregnant.Destiny pain.

When Princess Kate in the United Kingdom was pregnant with a third child, the Emperor did not want to announce it so early, but because Princess Kate’s pregnancy vomiting was too great, they could not attend public activities, so they had to be announced in advance.In an interview with the media, Prince William also stated that Princess Kate reacted fiercely per pregnancy.

We know that many mothers will vomit when they are pregnant, so what’s going on with pregnancy vomiting?

Pregnancy vomiting is a type of early pregnancy reaction.According to the official explanation of the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, pregnancy usually occurs in the early 9 weeks of pregnancy. Most of them disappear in 14 weeks in the second trimester, and some will last for several months or even until production.From the perspective of evolution, pregnancy vomiting is not a bad thing. Early pregnancy vomiting is conducive to protecting children.Pregnancy vomiting reminds us that we might be pregnant so that expectant mothers can pay attention.Moreover, pregnancy vomiting can allow expectant mothers to discharge harmful foods to the fetus with vomiting and avoid hurting the fetus.

Student data show that more than 75%of pregnant women will have different degrees of nausea, of which 50%of them will have symptoms of pregnancy vomiting, and 0.3 to 1%of pregnant women will have severe pregnancy vomiting.In addition, the time and degree of each person’s pregnancy vomiting will vary depending on the physical fitness of the pregnant woman:

❶ mild pregnancy vomiting

Generally, pregnant women will feel nauseous when brushing their teeth in the morning. They are just retching some gastric acid. There are not many vomits and do not affect the daily life of pregnant women.

❷ ❷ ❷ ❷ ❷

When pregnant women smell the smell of oil fume, gasoline, etc., nausea and vomiting will occur, and some will cause continuous vomiting. After pregnancy, they can still eat something and walk around.

❸ severe pregnancy vomiting

The worst situation is that pregnant women have persistent vomiting and cannot eat or enter water.In addition to the food in the stomach, there will be bile or blood fluid.Pregnant women have poor mental appearance and can not even get out of bed. They can only lose nutrient solution in bed.

❶ hormone changes

In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones in pregnant women have undergone tremendous changes.Various hormone levels are rising, especially the level of human chorionic gonad hormones and estrogen levels rose rapidly. This is the main influencing factor that caused pregnant women to vomit early.

御 Fetal self -defense system

Studies believe that pregnant women with a pregnancy vomiting reaction is a normal defense reaction of the fetus.We often say that the first three months of pregnancy is important, because the first three months of early pregnancy are the critical period of the differentiation of embryo tissue cells to form organs. Specific mothers can easily cause embryonic abnormalities if they come into contact with harmful substances.In order to ensure the healthy growth of the embryo, the body of the expectant mother will detoxify through the form of pregnancy. It is also a self -immune response of the fetus to the external dangerous environment. Pregnancy is a positive response to avoid harmful substances to infringe the fetus.

❸ The digestive system changes

After pregnancy, the uterus slowly grows, so that the intestines are shifted upward and both sides, and the stomach moves up. At the same time, due to the regulation of gastrointestinal nerves in hormones, gastrointestinal flatulence and constipation are prone to occur.The gastrointestinal tract becomes fragile, and it is particularly strict with food entering the gastrointestinal tract.This is also to protect the fetus in the belly, because if you eat a little food that is not good for the fetus, or a slightly not fresh food, it may cause the stomach to "turn over the river".

The sense of smell becomes keen

After pregnancy, the sense of smell of many pregnant women will change a lot.The sense of smell of the nose suddenly became very sensitive and became a "dog nose". No smell can be smelled, that is, the smell that is difficult to detect can be distinguished. As long as you smell a little irritating taste, the pregnancy reaction will react.Special strong.

❺ Lack of vitamins

Some studies have shown that the lack of vitamins in pregnant mothers can also lead to an increase in pregnancy reaction, but this basis has not been fully confirmed.However, scientific research has proved that a certain amount of vitamins in early pregnancy have a certain effect on alleviating pregnancy.

多 Specific mothers who are pregnant with twins or polyza

According to statistics, the pregnancy response of the twins and multi -fetal pregnant women is higher than that of a single pregnant woman, and pregnant women who are pregnant with multiple babies have a high chance of pregnancy.

出现Punity mothers who have side effects such as nausea or vomiting during oral contraceptives

Many pregnant women have taken contraceptives before pregnancy. If nausea, vomiting and other side effects occur after taking drugs, then it is prone to pregnancy reaction than ordinary pregnant women after pregnancy.

晕 Specific mothers with a history of motion sickness and seasickness

Women who are prone to motion sickness and motion sickness will also have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.

有 The last time I was pregnant, there was a second child who was pregnant

Generally, mothers with severe pregnancy vomiting in the first child will appear in the second child.

Specific mothers who have a pregnant vomiting gene in the 吐 family

Pregnancy vomiting will also have a family inheritance. The mother or sister of pregnant women will have severe pregnancy during pregnancy, so pregnant women will also have a high probability that pregnancy will occur.

❶ Relax

[Self -regulation of pregnant women]

Pregnant women should work hard to relax themselves. They should be treated with ordinary hearts and should not be too nervous.Even if you vomit, you have to work hard to eat.After each meal, don’t always think about whether you will vomit, try to relax yourself, you should eat it (〃 ‘▽’ 〃), you can listen to music on weekdaysEssence

[Husband’s support companion is important]

Companion is the longest confession.We always say to those who are about to be a mother, we must be strong, but the mother is not a superman and will be fragile.Especially as a child’s father, when his wife reacts with pregnancy and vomiting in October, he must care about the psychology of pregnant women and attach importance to their emotional needs.The love of her husband can keep the expectant mothers with strength.

❷ A reasonable diet

Don’t be too deliberate for diet.If you really vomit in the early pregnancy, you don’t have to force yourself to eat how much you eat every day.Many mothers will worry that they do not eat how much things will affect their children’s development. In fact, in the early pregnancy, the fetus has little demand for nutrition, so if you eat things, don’t be too nervous.

【Edible things to nourish the stomach】

The severe pregnancy vomiting hurts the stomach. At this time, it is best to eat some foods that nourish the stomach. In addition to digestion and absorption, it can also ease the stomach discomfort caused by vomiting.

[Appropriate consumption of acidic food]

We know that the sour taste can relieve nausea and vomiting, so you can eat some soda biscuits or increase your appetite.Lemon is a good choice. The lemon taste is fresh, the taste is strong, and it can effectively relieve pregnancy.And lemon is acidic food, which can stimulate gastric acid secretion, improve digestive enzyme activity, promote gastrointestinal motility, and increase the appetite of pregnant women.Therefore, when pregnant women have no appetite, they can drink lemonade to adjust their discomfort.

[Foods rich in vitamin B1]

Lack of vitamin B1 may increase early pregnancy reactions, so you can appropriately supplement the intake of vitamin B1 in the early pregnancy, such as some chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, etc.Of course, many pregnant women are disgusting with chicken and fish, so don’t force themselves.

【Listing Diet】

Glamor is a major incentive for pregnant women’s pregnancy.Pregnant women with a severe reaction in early pregnancy should avoid greasy foods as much as possible. Pregnant women’s ingredients can choose to steam and stew.

【Eat less and meals】

Pregnant women’s diet should follow the principle of eating less meals. Each meal should not be sufficient, nor can they eat when they are too hungry. This can easily cause excessive gastric acid secretion and cause reflux, but aggravate pregnancy.Moreover, pregnant women are full, which is easy to cause flatulence of gastrointestinal and affects the rest after meals, especially dinner.If you have a sense of hunger before going to bed, you can eat snacks before going to bed, like biscuits snacks.

❸ ❸ ❸ ❸ ❸ ❸

Many pregnant women are weak after pregnancy, and they will lie in bed all day long, which is not good.Lying for a long time will make the stomach movement slowly, which is not conducive to gastrointestinal motility.Proper exercise can help digestion and enhance gastric power.The prospective dad can walk with the pregnant woman to take a walk outdoors and feel the natural fresh air. This will not only alleviate the soreness of the body’s muscles, but also relax the pressure of the pregnant woman’s heart.

❹ Correct sleeping position

Good sleep is a physiological guarantee for pregnant women’s physical strength, so it is also important to sleep in addition to eating.After pregnancy, as the belly increases, the sleeping position on the left side is the best to the fetus in the stomach.Pregnant women must let themselves sleep well every day and sleep, so that they have more sufficient spirit to confront pregnancy.In addition, some pregnant women are not used to sleeping positions on the left and can alternate a variety of sleeping positions. As long as they do not sleep on their stomachs in the early pregnancy, other sleeping positions are not hindrance.

Wang Niu

Pregnancy vomiting is something that most pregnant women can experience. Moms need to adjust their mentality to look at this matter, rather than indignant to think that they do not want to vomit at all when they are pregnant.A bad thing ~

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