Don’t want to be "Yellow Face Po" during pregnancy?Bao Ma should pay attention to these points everyday

If it is a beautiful girl before pregnancy, then after pregnancy, Baoma can be said to be a step closer to "Yellow Face Po", but we all know that all women have a gene of beauty in their bones, so how can I allow myself to easily easily be easy to easily.How about getting old and ugly?It is definitely necessary to do everything to maintain your beauty.So how can Baoma do during pregnancy to become a "yellow -faced wife", and be relieved?Actually, as long as you pay attention to these points every day, let’s take a look together.

Protect your hair

During the pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones, Baoma’s hair will fall more severe. The serious point may be the change of quality. It directly lower the value of Baoma and allows Baoma to be a step closer to Huang Fan Po.As a beauty person, of course, this situation is not allowed, so Baoma must love her hair. For example, after washing my hair, I will apply the essence to the scalp.Many people do not understand the significance of this. In fact, the shampoo we usually use can only play a clean role for the scalp, just like a facial cleanser. If the scalp is not supplemented with enough nutrition in the later stage, it is equivalent to equivalentDo not apply water and milk after washing your face, and hurt the scalp.The use of essence to maintain scalp is the popularity of hair nourishing in Japan, because the essence of cultivation is not only simple and convenient, but also freely nourishes the scalp.Extremely hair care products.

Of course, using the essence of Yufa does not mean that the mother does not need to use the conditioner. You know, we usually apply the toner when we apply our faces to apply the essence.Nourishing the scalp can make the scalp healthier and stronger hair.

Do a good job of skin care

After pregnancy, in order to prevent the baby from absorbing chemicals through Baoma, many Baoma refuses to use cosmetics, but this does not mean that Baoma cannot use skin care products that can not use natural plant ingredients.You know, after giving birth, many Baoma’s face will grow pregnancy spots. If you do n’t maintain well, it will really get closer and closer to the yellow -faced mother -in -law. In order to avoid this, Baoma must do skin care.

keep working out

What is the definition of Huang Fan Po?It is a middle -aged woman who does not make up or dress up, does not clean up themselves.If Baoma does not want to become like this, she must do a good job of body management. During pregnancy, eat less greasy food and eat more light nutrition, and then insist on exercising within the allowable range of physical strength.

During pregnancy, only when Baoma insists on doing these points, can she stay away from the ranks of "Yellow Face Po" and consistently be a "little fairy".

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