Don’t want the baby to bring it after birth?During pregnancy, your two behaviors must be changed in time

After a woman is pregnant, the baby will live in the mother’s uterus for 10 months. Don’t think that the baby knows nothing in these 10 months. In fact, when you enter the fourth month of pregnancy, the mother can do it to the babyPlanges.

And when the baby was born, some mothers found that their children were very disobedient, often crying, and felt very tired to bring their children, but found that some mothers were very relaxed. Most of the babies were lying on the bed and sleeping.After that, I played myself.

It is also a newborn, why is there such a big gap?Actually, the baby loves to cry after birth?In fact, it may be related to these two behaviors during pregnancy!

Don’t want the baby to bring it after birth?During pregnancy, your two behaviors must be changed in time

First: I often stay up late during pregnancy

During the 10 months of pregnancy, the behavior of pregnant mothers has a great impact on the baby. If the baby is born, it is very difficult and often crying, which is likely to be related to the mother’s often staying up late during pregnancy.

After a woman is pregnant, she may have a fetus at home. When she is idle during the day, she may sleep. When she can’t sleep at night, she may stay up late.

If you often do night owls during pregnancy, he may disrupt your biological clock, and when the pregnant mother stays up late, it will also affect the rest of the fetus, and it will also disrupt the fetal bell of the fetus. After the baby is born, it will be easy to be onCrying at night and not sleeping.

Second: I love to lose my temper during pregnancy

After a woman is pregnant, hormone secretion in the body will change, such as the increase in progesterone estrogen secretion.

With the increase of these hormones, the mood of pregnant women may fluctuate greatly, it will become irritable and irritable, and it may become depressed.

If pregnant mothers often lose their temper during pregnancy and unable to control their emotions, this emotion will also affect the fetus in the abdomen.When the baby is born, it may also make the baby’s temper worse, then it is easy to cause the baby to cry without moving. It is very difficult to bring, and the mother will become very hard.

And often getting angry during pregnancy will not only affect the baby’s character, but also may not be conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers must pay attention to controlling their emotions. As family members, they must also comfort the pregnant women in time.

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