Don’t use cosmetics during pregnancy?wrong!Mastering "three uses and five do not use", pregnant mothers can also glow

After pregnancy, many mothers find that they have become ugly. Every morning, I feel that in the mirror in the mirror that I am talking to me ten years later. It is indeed that after pregnancy, we will find changes after the stomach will grow.

1. There is a lot of oil in the skin

Some mothers had a relatively oily skin. After pregnancy, they found that the skin was more oily, because the elevation of progesterone would cause the fat secretion of our bodies to increase.

2. The skin becomes black

After pregnancy, some mothers have gone on pregnancy spots on their faces, and these pregnancy spots can cause the skin on the face to look dark.

After pregnancy, melanin secretion increases, and the melanin of the body’s skin will increase. For example, our chest and the pregnancy black line on the stomach is caused by increasing melanoma secretion.

3. The skin will get dry

After pregnancy, the body skin metabolism and epidermal water content decreased, and the belly became larger after pregnancy, the fat became more, the skin was opened, the skin could absorb less nutrients, and the supply of water was less.Too dry can cause itching.

4. Increase skin problems

Some pregnant mothers will rash because of sensitive skin when they are pregnant.

There are also some pregnant mothers who have acne when they are pregnant.

Or the skin appears folliculitis.

Pregnant mothers have two extremes on skin care. One is extreme that what cosmetics cannot be used after pregnancy, because the use of cosmetics will affect the health of fetal treasure.

Wash your face with water every morning, and then go out to the sky.

There are also some mothers who feel ugly after pregnancy. In order to cover up the defects on her skin, they will use various cosmetics.

The mother who faces the sky may cause skin problems to intensify:

For example, if there is no sunscreen, if you go out of the sky, the skin will be damaged by ultraviolet rays, causing the skin to look darker and dry, and even cause serious skin aging.

Moms who use cosmetics unscrupulous may also cause new problems:

For example, my mother is dyeing her hair and nail polish during pregnancy. Then these cosmetics may contain lead, or it is not conducive to the health of the fetal treasure, which affects the health of the fetal treasure.”Zero plan”

1. Basic clean cosmetics need to be used

As long as our skin is exposed to the outside world, there may be some dust, or the garbage is covered on our face to block our pores.

It may not be cleaned with water. At this time, you need to use some clean -type facial cleanser to wash your face.

It is recommended that the mother’s facial cleanser will be better with amino acids, mild, not stimulate the skin, and prevent the skin from being too dry.

When my mother is bathing, she can also use some relatively mild shower gels to clean it.If it is winter and the skin is relatively dry, it is recommended to take a shower once a few days and use a shower gel.

2. Use moisturizing cream to moisturize the skin

Moisturizing skin after pregnancy is very important.

If the pregnant mother is too dry, it will not only peel, but also cause itching of the skin, and even cause the pregnancy spots to become more obvious, and the stretch marks will be more obvious.

Pregnant women must do a good job of moisturizing.Select the moisturizing cream with only moisturizing effect, and select the smelling cream that smells fragrant.

It is recommended that my mother wipes the moisturizing cream as soon as possible after taking a bath.

If the mother’s belly is itchy, you need to wipe it with a moisturizing cream once a few hours, and rub it as thicker as much as possible, which can help the skin form a barrier to avoid skin eczema or dryness.

3. Must be done well in sunscreen

UV is the enemy of our skin aging. During the pregnancy, the skin itself is more sensitive. If you don’t pay attention to sunscreen, it is easy to cause sunburn and exacerbate skin aging.

After pregnancy, in addition to the sunscreen of tools, such as a parasol, a parasol, a sun hat wears long -sleeved clothes, it is recommended to put sunscreen.

After pregnancy, it is recommended to use physical sunscreen. The composition of physical sunscreen is mainly titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is mainly used to prevent sunburn by reflecting and scattering.It is also safer for pregnant mothers.

First category: Do not use acne products

After pregnancy, if you have acne on your mother’s face, don’t squeeze as much as possible, don’t touch it.As long as there is no infection, it will generally fade slowly.Do not believe that merchants use some acne products. These acne products are likely to contain vitamin A ingredients.

Class A or vitamin A derivatives will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.

The second category: Do not use efficacy products such as whitening or anti -aging

This type of efficacy product may contain phenylphenols, that is, hydrogen, or some heavy metal lead, which will affect the fetal brain development and cause children’s intelligence.

Third category: Do not use colorful nail polish or lip gloss

After pregnancy, it is not recommended to do nails. There are some irregular nail polish that may contain phthalate, which has adverse effects on the fetus.The lip gloss will contain a lot of pigment. Mom may swallow it when eating. In theory, there will be a small amount of problems, but it is best not to use it for safety.

Fourth category: Don’t use essential oils

Some mothers like to use essential oils before pregnancy, but once they are pregnant, it is recommended not to use such products.

The molecular weight of the essential oil is small, and the skin is easy to absorb.It is precisely because it is easy to absorb that it may enter the blood circulation of the body directly and enter the fetus through the placenta.

Essential oil product components may be more complicated, and may contain some components that are not good for fetal treasure development, so it is not recommended to use after pregnancy.

Category 5: Cosmetics that stimulate the skin

For example, cosmetics containing alcohol will be more irritating to the skin.Make mom’s skin uncomfortable.

Or cosmetics containing fruit acids will also stimulate the sensitive skin of pregnant mothers, causing mothers to be allergic to the skin.

The facial cleanser containing soap -based, the skin will be dry after washing, and it will also stimulate the skin.

In the ingredient table, if you see potassium pecmethytate, sodium cocusaccharide, potassium coconut oil, sodium coconut hydate, potassium laurel, potassium elasticate, sodium pantarine, potassium palm acid, palm acidSodium, potassium palm acid oil, sodium palm acid oil, potassium of potassium, sodium dumbfate, sodium beefate indicate that it is soap -based facial cleanser.

Or at the same time, it contains: laurel acid, cutron acid, palm acid, dumbin acid, hydroxide, etc., and sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and trigolitamine.These two types of substances are also soap -based facial cleanser.

Mother’s skin changes greatly after pregnancy. Correct use of cosmetics can reduce the occurrence of our skin problems. Mom is more beautiful during pregnancy, and fetal treasures can grow healthy healthy.

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