Don’t touch your belly in these four cases during pregnancy, otherwise the fetus is unhappy, but it will be dangerous!

Mom can interact with the fetus by touching the stomach when she is pregnant. This is also a prenatal education. It is called to touch prenatal education. When the mother is touching her belly, she can achieve the role of interaction with her baby., And can also promote the development of the children’s movement and brain, but the way to touch the stomach of a pregnant woman can not be performed at any time.The cause of many fetal problems is affected by improper touching methods. Today, I will tell you about it, but in these four cases, do not touch your stomach, otherwise your childIt will be unhappy and there will be a certain danger.

One: Placenta front

If the pregnant woman is in the condition of the prefix of the placenta, then often stroking her belly may stimulate the movement of the uterus, which will cause relative changes in the placenta and the cervical mouth. At this timeChildren are hypoxic in the uterus, and pregnant women will still have major bleeding. At this time, pregnant women must restrain their hands, and they cannot let others often touch their stomachs, otherwise they will cause danger to the child.

Two: while sleeping at night

The child’s rest and exercise change with the time of the mother. If the mother is sleeping and the mother is sleeping, the child is also resting. If the mother strokes her belly before sleeping, it may stimulate the child to the childThe nerves, so that the child will become excited in the stomach. In this way, the sleeping schedule of pregnant women will be affected, and the fetus will also have a umbilical cord around the neck in the stomach.

The child’s sleep schedule is only started from the belly. If the child starts to reverse day and night in the belly, the child’s sleep quality will be prone to decline when they grow up.Hormone, if the child’s sleep quality is not good, it will also affect the growth of the child.

Three: When there is a premature birth phenomenon

When pregnant women have premature birth, they must pay attention to it and pay attention. At this time, if you touch your belly, this will exacerbate premature birth. If pregnant women show signs of premature birth during pregnancy, then the most should be the most should be the most.What you do is to keep the child in the belly, and if you touch your stomach frequently, it will promote the child’s premature birth.

Four: Pregnancy

Many mothers are worried that their children will come out at any time when they are worried about their children at any time, so they can’t help but touch their belly, but if you touch your belly for a long time in the late pregnancy, it may cause pseudo -contractions, pseudo -contractions, and pseudo contractions.The biggest consequence is that the blood supply of the placenta and the insufficient transportation of oxygen will affect the development of the child’s belly. Therefore, in the late pregnancy, mothers must restrain their hands and try not to touch their belly.Essence

It is also a very happy thing for children when I am pregnant, but in these four cases, try not to touch the child. After all, the child is a bit dangerous at this time.It may cause harm to the child’s development, and mothers must pay attention!

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