Don’t think that you will be fine when you are pregnant. You should pay attention to these six things in the first month of pregnancy.

Do you remember the first time you know that you are pregnant?Excitement, accident, fear, worry?I believe most people are unexpected and excited.

Facing the arrival of a small life, I have not been ready.Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, the elderly said that they were more "prestigious."

My son and classmate Lele have a better relationship and play together.

So Mother He Lele is also very familiar.Lele mother is also full of children at home, and she usually has a time to go shopping together.When I was picking up from school recently, I did not see Lele mother.

The mobile phone asked her not to answer.I just saw that Grandma Lele came to pick up Lele after school, and asked casually: Is Lele your mother have not been at home recently?Why didn’t you come to pick you up?

Lele lying in my ears and told me: Auntie, I tell you a good news that my mother has a baby in her belly.Just a month.Mom said she needed to rest and asked her grandmother to take care of me.

After listening to the news, I realized that I was just pregnant at home, and the electronic products had little contact, so the phone did not return.I told Lele to take a greeting to the mother and let the mother take a good rest.

1) Fetal development

One month of pregnancy is the time around.The fertilized egg has completed the work of bed and is known as "fetal buds" in medicine.

The shape is like a small hippocampus or a bean sprout, and the fetus develops.I can’t see "humanity".

2) Mom’s physical change

Mom’s uterus has not changed, and the size is basically the same as the original.

Some pregnant mothers do not feel much. Some pregnant mothers may have symptoms of colds, such as weakness, wanting to sleep, and fever.There are even pregnant mothers treated as a cold.

① exercise

After learning that you are pregnant, you must avoid strenuous exercise, such as running, skipping rope, climbing mountain climbing, etc.

Because the fertilized eggs have just been bed and they are relatively fragile, if the action is too intense, it can easily cause abortion.

The exercise suitable for pregnant mothers is walking, as well as pregnant women yoga.However, pregnant women’s yoga needs to be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

② Avoid sexual life

In the first three months of pregnancy, try not to have the same room.Because uterine contraction will cause abortion of fetal, please control the health of the fetus.

③ A comfortable sleeping position

The fetus is still relatively small, and the mother’s sleeping position will not affect him, so you don’t need to worry too much, just sleep with your most comfortable and favorite posture.

By the end of pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, it is recommended to sleep at the left side, which is helpful for the healthy development of the fetus.

④ Nutritional matching

Don’t start all kinds of supplements because you are pregnant.Although "one person eats two people", the size of the fetus is not used too much.

Just eat the same diet as the original.Choose high -protein and low -calorie foods, and fruit and vegetables also try to season.Milk, eggs, beef and mutton, and nuts can be interspersed.

⑤ The first pregnancy examination

Many people learn that they are testing at home, and they need to be determined that the health of the fetus needs to be carried out for the first pregnancy.

Measure the progesterone value and HCG by blood testing. If the value is within normal range, the body does not bleed, which shows that everything is healthy.Wait until 7-8 weeks to pass the B-ultrasound, you can see fetal heart buds.

⑥ Prevent deformity

For electronic products and radiation working environments, quasi -mothers need to pay attention to that the original radiation can effectively prevent fetal malformations.Wear anti -shooting or far away from radiation.

① Do not use medicine

After learning that you are pregnant, don’t decide to take medicine yourself yourself. If you have to take medicine, it is also under the guidance of a doctor.

If you take medicine without knowing pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a doctor if it has an impact on the development of the fetus.

② Quit smoking and drinking

Some people may be pregnant in an accident and have not planned.

Once you find pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s smoking and drinking should be avoided.Smoking and drinking are more likely to be deformed by children. Let’s quit for children’s health.

③ Some things cannot be eaten

After pregnancy, some foods should be eaten as little or not.For example, crabs are cold foods, which are not good for the body.

For example, drinks containing coffee, which affects sleep, is not conducive to fetal development.

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