Don’t resign if you are pregnant, because you may lose a lot of money

In the morning, my friend called me to cry:

For 5 months of pregnancy, the company’s leaders were too living to her. She couldn’t help it anymore, and she was resigned!

But Dabai wants to tell everyone that it is better not to resign easily, especially when you are pregnant, because you will miss a big benefit!

This is a saving dry goods sticker, don’t miss it ~

Today I told you that the benefit of this child can receive money is called maternity insurance. How can I use it?Many people are not clear ~

It mainly includes two major items of maternity allowances and fertility medical treatment. To put it plainly, it is not only our fees that can reimburse the baby’s babies during the childbirth, such as check -ups, receiving students, surgical fees, etc.The baby is wrong!

And this maternity insurance does not require personal payment, all of which are borne by the company, and the monthly payment ratio is 1%

But many people don’t use it at all!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionDabai today for everyone to popularize this insurance!

mainly include:

1. What conditions do you want to use maternity insurance?

2. How much can maternity insurance be reimbursed for you?

3. How much can maternity insurance for you?

4. How to receive this money?Look at the strategy here!

5. Can I reimburse with maternity insurance?

6. What should I do if I have no job and want to enjoy maternity insurance?

7. After giving birth to a baby: Don’t miss this benefit given by the country!

8. It is not complicated to apply for medical insurance for infants and young children. You can refer to this process!

9. If you want to give your children the most comprehensive guarantee, you need to know the idea of commercial insurance!

This article really recommends that you collect it!

It is necessary to meet the local payment period and continuity, and different regions have different requirements.

1. There is social security (here to employee social security), and the maternity insurance is insured; it is best not to leave before fertility, otherwise it is easy

This also illustrates that if you want to use maternity insurance, don’t resign easily;

As soon as we said that maternity insurance can help us reimburse a certain cost.

The reimbursement is the costs of the baby’s period. From the outpatient clinic, production test to the hospitalization, you can get a certain amount of reimbursement, and even the behavior of abortion and planning related to family planning is no exception.

Different cities have different standards, and Dabai has compiled the reimbursement rules of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

You can take a look at this standard I summarized:

Note: Some cities can settle in the hospital directly, that is, when the social security card is held in real -time settlement, such as Guangzhou; some need to apply through the company.》 And the wages of the employee’s salary, go to the social security institution to go through the procedures for maternity insurance, such as Shanghai, the process will be relatively troublesome; some cities can be settled directly (such as childbirth), and other expenses need to be reimbursed through the company.Like Beijing;

If you want to reimburse, the faster you will apply better, so as not to miss the time.

There is a penalty allowance in maternity insurance.

The cost of maternity allowance is that the state’s income loss in order to make up for this period (because the baby cannot work for the time being), it gives a certain amount of compensation;

According to personal circumstances, the allowance that everyone can receive is different.

How much can you get?

Putting a formula here, everyone can calculate.

Last year’s per capita monthly payment salary ÷ 30 (day) × number of maternity leave days

"The per capita payment salary of the unit last year was related to the company’s salary level and operational situation. Different companies were different."

And some company welfare is very good, and the average salary is relatively high.

Some people (there are a small number of people, there is no need to be with me, there are really rarely), it is normal to have a child to receive more than 100,000 fertility allowances, but now this is very small.

The higher the fertility insurance base given by the unit, the higher the fertility allowance we lead.

Let’s give a more usual example.

Huang Meili’s child born in Shanghai is smooth. The per capita payment salary of the previous year of her units in Shanghai is 8,000 yuan, and Huang Meili’s maternity leave is 128 days.

How much fertility can she get?

Just count it: 8000 ÷ 30 × 128 = 3,4133 yuan

I will briefly talk about it here:

Most cities’ maternity allowance and subsidy application requires the help of the company’s help to receive

Step 1: Prepare information

Fill in the "Application Form for Employee Maternity Insurance" and give it to the company

Step 2: Upload declaration

After submitting the materials, the company will bring relevant information to the Social Security Bureau for declaration

After the application is approved, the Maternity Foundation directly hit the company’s account and then issued by the company.

The specific collection strategy wrote in this article very clearly.

If you want to know, you can poke this guide:

Dabai insurance: The great benefit of maternity insurance is a pity to miss it!

After giving birth to a child, the child’s resistance is not good, and often go to the hospital.

It takes a lot of money to go to the hospital. At this time, you must have this benefit.

Don’t miss it ~

Considering that there must be a Bao Dad who saw me this article, I was thinking that I had paid for maternity insurance. I didn’t have such a good thing?

Don’t worry!arrange!

If the husband pays for maternity insurance, if the wife does not, he can use the husband’s maternity insurance to reimburse the cost.

I said in Guangzhou:

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