Don’t let your children lose on the starting line, expect 5 more foods, the baby is smart and healthy

The succession of Chuanzong has always been the most important thing for the Chinese people. It may be precisely because the Chinese people attach great importance to the next generation that China has the title of today’s world power.One of the words that have been popular in China are saying that it is not allowed to let the child lose on the starting line.So, where should the children’s starting line be counted? Naturally, the child is the beginning of his life when he is in his mother’s belly.So as a mother, what can I do in advance for children who are still in their uterus?

The way the child who is still in the mother’s uterus is closely related to her mother. If you want to make the fetus in the abdomen more smart, and make them win on the starting line of life, pregnant women need to have more scientific and more conducive to children’s diet.rule.

First, the diet of pregnant women must be comprehensive. When pregnant women choose food, the problem of picky food must be eliminated.There are many nutritional categories required for the early development of the fetus, so you must ensure the comprehensiveness of nutrition in the choice of diet, so as to prevent the fetus from suffering from nutritional lack.

Second, in the diet and nutrition of pregnant women, the nutritional balance is also a problem that we must consider. The intake of fat and protein must be in a balanced state.

Third, to ensure the natural nature of pregnant women’s food, many ingredients now have been finely processed, and the processed ingredients are likely to have lost some nutrients, and even some harmful substances have more, soTry to choose natural unprocessed ingredients.

Some foods are particularly suitable for pregnant women in the third trimester, such as quail, seafood, sesame, walnuts and red dates.

1. Quail.Quail contains more lecithin, and lecithin is necessary for fetal brain development.

2. Seafood.Seafood products contain a large amount of trace elements required for fetal development such as phosphorus and calcium, but before pregnant women eat seafood, they still need to be familiar with their constitution, because some high -protein -type seafood has certain possibilities to cause allergiesEssence

3. Sesame.Sesame has the effect of nourishing the brain and health, which has certain benefits for the formation of the early intelligence of the fetus.

4. Walnut.Walnuts are also rich in nutrition and can enhance the vitality of fetal brain nerve cells.

5. Red dates.In addition to the function of nourishing blood, red dates are also rich in folic acid, and fetal brain development requires the help of folic acid.

In addition, in addition to a balanced, scientific and sufficient nutrients during pregnancy, pregnant women also need a healthy psychology.Many pregnant women are prone to many psychological diseases during pregnancy, such as anxiety, so pregnant women can have entertainment life that suits them during pregnancy to regulate the mentality.

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