Don’t let obesity affect women’s "sexual blessing" life, affect the influence of pregnancy alert to obesity

Obesity affects women’s health, and this lady’s experience is estimated to have experienced it.

I met such a lady in "Weight Management Clinic" this afternoon.

Ms. Zhang, 31 years old, weighing 85kg, 155cm tall, weight index: 35.4.There are problems in the medical examination report: hyperlipidemia, hyperurice, fatty liver, snoring, and polycystic ovary.

In the process of asking the medical history, I learned: She and her lover have been preparing for more than half a year, have not been pregnant, and her "desire" is very low, and she can’t afford the spirit during the day.

According to her situation, she explained her health problems and gave her a plan to lose weight.

In daily work, a case like Ms. Zhang has encountered a lot.

Obesity has caused a lot of problems in women’s health, so here is a science popularization, and call on women to pay attention to their weight and pay attention to their own health.

Obesity is a metabolic issue. Strictly speaking, it is a metabolic disease, because the World Health Organization defines obesity as a disease.Metabolic diseases also include hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, and high uric acid.

The reason for obesity is because the calorie intake is too high. Excessive heat is converted into fat to store it on the body. The most common is abdominal fat, so obese people will have a "big belly".Fat will also deposit on the liver to form fatty liver.Fat can cause hyperlipidemia in blood.So obese people are often accompanied by fatty liver and hyperlipidemia.Some people will also be accompanied by high uric acid.

We all know that most of the obese people have snoring. It is because the obese people can see a double chin. The soft palate is thick and thick in the pharyngeal cavity, the throat wall is thick, and the tongue is widened, which will cause stenosis in the pharynx cavity.During sleep, the throat muscles are relaxed, and the tongue is prone to falling back, blocking the airway, causing the breathing to be unsatisfactory, and snoring.

Snoring can cause hypoxia in the body, so it will also cause lower sexual desire, which is consistent with Ms. Zhang’s symptoms.

Due to endocrine disorders and hormone disorders in the body, most of them are accompanied by problems such as obesity, hairy, and acne.

Therefore, Ms. Zhang has polycystic ovary syndrome and is accompanied by obesity.So I have not been pregnant for half a year.

In the prescription to Ms. Zhang:

First of all, it is recommended that she control her diet, control high -calorie foods, control high -carbohydrate foods, reduce high -fat foods, and increase the intake of fresh vegetables and increase protein intake.

Second, increase the amount of exercise.The exercise suggestion for her is: swimming, because of her weight, heavy knee load, if running, it will damage the knee joint.At the same time, anaerobic exercise is recommended, it is recommended that she training in muscle enhancement equipment.

Others: Cooperate with meals and other methods to adjust weight.For snoring, at the same time as weight loss, it is recommended to treat ventilator therapy at an otolaryngology clinic.

I wish her a successful weight loss and wish her a happy life.Good pregnancy as soon as possible.

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