Don’t eat these 4 "poisonous foods" after pregnancy. You enjoy it, but the harm is just a child

For women who have given birth to children, the pain of childbirth is far less than early pregnancy!You know, when the pregnancy reaction is severe, you can’t wait to vomit bile when you smell it at all, and even some pregnant women are paralyzed on the bed in the early stages of pregnancy, and the pregnancy is not adult.In contrast, the pain during childbirth is nothing.

1. "3 and a half months pregnant, she lost 20 pounds"

Xiaoxi was just 25 years old when she was pregnant, which was the best age for children.But she was so fragrant, but she lost 20 pounds after pregnancy.

Brushing her teeth every morning is her hardest time. Whenever the toothbrush moves, Xiaoxi’s pregnancy appears, letting her vomit tears.She took care of her mother -in -law at home, and she was distressed when she saw this. You must know that his daughter -in -law had less than 100 pounds. Where can the body be held according to this vomiting body?

Therefore, even if Xiaoxi is uncomfortable, 5 meals should be eaten a day.That’s right, Xiaoxi has changed from three meals a day to five meals a day since the diagnosis of pregnancy. While taking leave at home, her mother -in -law has always changed her practices. However, Xiaoxi only needs to see the meat.Just a while.

For the little guy in the belly, Xiaoxi watched a lot of food every day, just to find appetite from eating.Recently, because I was particularly obsessed with South Korea, Xiaoxi wanted to eat Korean kimchi.However, this pickled food, her mother -in -law did not let her touch at all, and there was no way Xiaoxi could only secretly take out.

In this way, when her mother -in -law did not know, Xiaoxi ate a little kimchi every day, but the stomach suddenly hurt in the afternoon the day before yesterday. The diarrhea was very serious and was rushed to the hospital by her mother -in -law.This examination discovers that improper diet is the main cause of diarrhea. After all, kimchi has no nutrition and high salt content. Pregnant women often eat the fetal brain development.

Fortunately, it was serious about vomiting every day, and this did not affect much, and this incident also sounded the alarm for Xiaoxi, and she dared not to steal it at will.

2. Do not touch these 4 types of food during pregnancy

1. Carbonated beverage

Recently, the weather has been hot, many pregnant mothers are also angry, and Coca -Cola, such as Coca -Cola, is the most popular, and has a effect on people with severe pregnancy.But for pregnant women, Coke itself contains a lot of caffeine substances, which has a irritating effect on the development of fetal nervous system.

In addition, High Coca -sugar is more likely to increase diabetic symptoms for pregnant women with diabetes.Just like a mother -in -law left a message, she became a box to drink cola during pregnancy, which eventually caused the child to not stand up at the age of 10.

2. Seafood raw meat

The appetite of pregnant women will change very much after pregnancy, just like a friend obsessed with Japanese materials after pregnancy. As soon as the holiday time, she took her husband to eat sashimi and seafood.Eye.

It is reminded here to remind pregnant mothers that seafood raw meat foods are cooked at high temperature or will contain bacteria. If diarrhea is severe, it is likely to increase the probability of miscarriage. Therefore, it is best to eat cooked food during pregnancy.

3. Frozen ice cream

Some time ago, I saw a video very interesting. One of the pregnant women in it was too strict by the family, which made them difficult for them to eat the food they wanted to eat.As a result, the treasure mother excuses to go out to get the courier, but I steally bought an ice cream on the way home.

Although it doesn’t matter if you eat one or two ice cream in summer, it is best to control the pregnant woman. After all, the fetus and the pregnant mother are a community of life. Cold foods are sometimes stimulated to develop the fetus.

4. Taste stimulation

When pregnancy, there is basically no way to relieve it. It can only wait to reflect the past, but sometimes many pregnant mothers eat some irritating food to reduce vomiting.

For example, eating some acidic and strong sense of stimulation every day, such as acid orange, biting lemon slices, etc., although these foods can be briefly relieved of pregnancy, but it may also cause the pregnant mother’s contraction and cause abortion. ThereforeSaid as much smell as much as possible, and eat less normally.

Third, protect yourself during pregnancy is the key

In fact, for pregnant women, as long as you do n’t have too much diet, you can quantitatively absorb fresh fruits and vegetables every day. This is the best nutritional intake for pregnant mothers and fetuses.In addition, pregnant women also need to eat more iron -rich foods, such as lean meat, spinach, etc. These are good foods for pregnant mothers.

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