Don’t drink chicken soup after illness!To prevent "food recovery", it is recommended to eat like this

Recently, a junior high school student came to the doctor because of a cold and cough. After a few days of treatment, he basically healed.Who knew that after two days, the parents took their children to the doctor again, saying that the child’s condition was repeated, and he had fever and severe cough, but no abnormalities were found after blood testing and chest slices.I asked the diet. Parents said that they saw that the child had burned back and the cough improved. I thought that the child was eating lightly during illness, so he stewed a chicken to let the child eat chicken soup.God began to have a fever again.When I heard this, I observed the child’s tongue image and found that the tongue was red and greasy, so I can determine that the child coughs and fever again is caused by eating chicken and drinking chicken soup. This phenomenon is called "food recovery".

Why does food reciprocate happen

As early as two thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor’s Canon was described in detail in detail."Su Wen" Yun: "The emperor said: Why should the disease fever be banned? Qi Bo said: The disease is less fever, the meat eats is recovered, and the food is left.: What are the contraindications of fever? Qi Bo said: When the disease is slightly declining, eat meat, the disease is recurred, and the remains occur if you eat more.. These are taboos of fever. "It can be seen that the ancients attached great importance to the correct diet conditioning after the fever.

Regarding the mechanism of food recovery, you can understand this: During the heating of the patient, the spleen and stomach are weak and weak. Although the heat retreats after treatment, the spleen and stomach are still weak for the time being, and the digestive and absorption function has not fully recovered.At this time, if strong food or more greasy, it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, which can easily cause stagnation and heat, resulting in fever again.

This principle is also described in the "Theory of the Source of Diseases" by the Nest Fang of the Sui Dynasty: "Those who are new in the husband’s disease, the spleen and stomach are still deficient, and the valley is not reciprocated.The genus of jujube and chestnut fails to digest. The accumulation of the stomach and stomach is full of swelling.

In fact, improper diet after illness not only has an impact on fever, but also has a clear impact on respiratory diseases such as cough and digestive tract diseases such as cough and diarrhea.Clinically, you can often see cough patients with greasy cough after diet. Patients with diarrhea have diarrhea again after the diet is too nourishing.

How to eat the correct diet at the beginning of the disease

So, how should the diet correctly condition the diet to prevent recurrence after the first healing?In the Qing Dynasty doctor Ye Tianshi pointed out in the "Physical Case of Certificate of Certificate": "Therefore, it is the food to help the food. However, the light taste is not contrary to the disease.I heard, not to say. "In short, you need to pay attention to the following two aspects: First, you cannot eat" hair products "and greasy food.Such as lychee, longan, durian, seafood, fish and shrimp, crickets, chickens, ducks, cow, bells, mutton, etc., and other free condiments such as ginger, crickets, pepper, pepper, etc.After eating more, it can also cause food accumulation.Second, you can eat light and easy -to -digest foods.For example, porridge, green vegetables, etc., millet porridge can nourish the stomach, and those with loss of appetite can cook yam, hawthorn, etc. to cook together.High fever patients are mostly wounded, and they can add some pear, mung beans, lotus root and other nourishing yin.

In short, the correct diet conditioning can promote the healing of the disease, speed up the recovery of patients, and play more effort.Conversely, if the diet is improper, it will only increase the condition or cause the condition to recur, and it must not be ignored.

Source: Health Henan

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