Don’t be stupid!If you have these 8 signs, you must be pregnant!

If you can know that you are pregnant early, you can avoid taking medicine randomly and reduce some bad habits that may affect your baby, but many people do not know some signals before pregnancy.I found that I am pregnant. Now, in order to allow everyone to perform the role early, the experts specifically introduced a few pregnancy signals. If you find that you have these signals, then, congratulations, you are pregnant!

There are 8 special signals in pregnancy

Pregnancy signal I. Stone menstruation

This signal should be well known. Our menstrual periods are very regular every month. Once we have no menstruation for more than ten days, and there are no contraceptive measures before, it may be pregnantIt is the only reason for menopause, and many diseases will also lead to this situation, and it is necessary to judge in combination with its own situation.

Signal of pregnancy 2. fatigue

I found that I always go to bed early than usual during this time, and I do n’t want to get up in the morning. Some simple exercise will make myself feel very fatigue. It may be pregnant, and even the symptoms of head heavy feet. This is because of pregnancy because of pregnancy.Later women caused the growth of hormones in the body.

Pregnancy signal three: breast swelling

Women’s breasts will slowly swell after pregnancy. This is the blood supply service of the body in strengthening the breasts. It is prepared for the preliminary preparations for future breastfeeding. At the same timeThe change is particularly sensitive, even when wearing clothes, I feel tingling.

The signal of pregnancy 4. The frequency of going to the bathroom has increased

The expansion of the uterus after pregnancy will pressure the bladder, and the number of times that women go to the bathroom will become frequent. If you have such a situation, and there is no contraception during this time, you may be pregnant.At the same time, pregnancy will cause more liquids in the kidney and bladder, and this frequently on the toilet will last nine months.

Signal of pregnancy 5. High body temperature becomes higher

People who are pregnant will become higher in body temperature, and they may feel a little hot. Let’s measure your body temperature to see if it is high.If you are trying to get pregnant, it is recommended that you usually record your body temperature. If the temperature is slightly higher for two weeks, it proves that the body changes and may be pregnant.

Signal of pregnancy 6. Bed bleeding

The signal of this pregnancy is relatively few people know that when the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, it will cause minor bleeding, that is, the bed bleeding, and it usually appears 3-6 days after fertilization.But this is not all women experience, so it is not obvious pregnancy signal.

Pregnancy signal 7. Send weight and weight gain

After pregnancy, the weight will definitely increase. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you find that you are getting fatter, your weight continues to increase, and the body shape is getting larger and larger, it may be pregnant.

The signal of pregnancy eight, back pain

Lumbar pain is also a pregnancy signal. This kind of pain is a real pain. Perhaps it is caused by changes in weight or less at night. In addition, changes in hormones can also cause back pain.

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