Don’t be stubborn after pregnancy. For the sake of your baby’s health, these housework is left for her husband to do it

Some mother -in -law had a baby at home after pregnancy. She felt very boring. She always wanted to do some housework. She had exercised her body, and her husband would like to praise herself when she came back.However, after pregnancy, you should be lazy for the fetus, and you should be lazy. These household chores are just thrown into her husband.

1. Squat, kneel and wipe the ground

Many Baoma feels that wiped the ground with a mop, and usually develops squatting or kneeling on the ground with a rag. The ground is as bright as glass.After you are pregnant, your belly gradually becomes larger. Squatting or kneeling will compress the fetus, causing the baby in the uterus to be uncomfortable, and the blood is not circulating.I suggest: If you want to wipe the ground at this time, just use a mop to simply wipe it. Do not step on the ground to avoid falling because of slippery.

Second, climb high to do housework

There are often premature birth and abortion in obstetrics clinics, and some of them are caused by climbing high.For example, rubbing glass and hanging clothes, these moves that need to be lifted hard to lift your arms. Try not to do it. It is easy to get to the abdomen and cause abortion.

Third, sedentary housework

Some sisters will sit on the bench after washing their clothes after pregnancy. Some sisters like to sit and pursue the drama while sitting on the cross. In fact, sitting for a long time will cause oppression to the fetus.More comfortable.

Fourth, there are many places with more dust and heavy odor

For places like warehouses, pregnant women are better not to contact. It is easy to suck bacteria into the belly to develop harmful to the fetal lungs. Some are decorating the house after pregnancy.It affects the development of the fetus and even causes deformity and leukemia.The news has been reported that the house has been renovated for seven years and still exceeds the standard. The child has leukemia and the family collapses.Therefore, pregnant women should not participate in the decoration, nor do they live in the newly installed house. The decoration selects a qualified material.

It is not easy to have a healthy baby to have a healthy baby in October, so you must be cautious everywhere.

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