Don’t be improper when the belly is itchy during pregnancy, it may endanger the fetus. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to

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When pregnant, pregnant mothers always encounter various small troubles, such as sleeping leg cramps, frequent urination, pubic pain, etc. at night. Among them, itchy belly during pregnancy is also a more grinding.It is the same as allergies. It makes people want to scratch, but the more scratching it, the more itchy, which makes people crash.Itchy belly during pregnancy is a problem that many pregnant women will encounter. Don’t look at this small belly itching, which is likely to be hidden in certain diseases, and may even cause harm to the fetus.

Lao Miao recently took over a pregnant woman with a surname of Zhou. She called her husband to accompany her husband to the hospital because she couldn’t bear it because she couldn’t bear to fall asleep.Because it was at night, Ms. Zhou came directly to the emergency department. After Lao Miao understood the situation, she helped Ms. Zhou contacted her colleagues and gynecological colleagues. Ms. Zhou was 32 weeks of pregnancy.Itchy, after being diagnosed with colleagues, it was learned that itchy belly was caused by bile stasis, and it also caused hypoxia in the fetus. The fetal heartbeat was very slow, and it was possibly suffocated at any time.

Colleagues immediately made Ms. Zhou prepare for a cesarean section. Ms. Zhou and her husband’s face were scared. After knowing the severity of the matter, she immediately signed the Surgery Consent.After more than an hour of waiting, the child was taken out because it was a premature infant, and the child was sent to the thermal insulation box after birth.Maybe Ms. Zhou herself couldn’t think of itself -just the simple belly itching, there would be such serious consequences!In fact, this also depends on the specific cause of the itching of the belly. If it is pathological, it must be treated in time to ensure the safety of the fetus.

The cause of itching of the belly during pregnancy can be large or small. Pregnant women must clearly understand the harm and treat them carefully. Do not take it lightly.

1. Itchy belly caused by hormone changes

After pregnancy, the hormone level of women’s bodies is broken, and the secretion of velvetic gonadotropin, estrogen, and progesterone in the body in the body is also increasing, resulting in changes in women’s bodies.In the process of metabolism, they will stimulate the body of the pregnant woman, leading to abnormal immune system during pregnancy, decreased resistance, increased physical sensitivity, etc., and it is also prone to proneness of adussion during pregnancy.

2. The fetus develops too fast

After pregnancy, because of comprehensive nutritional absorption, the fetal development will be relatively rapid, especially after the middle of pregnancy, the fetus will perform a "long -term", the pregnant woman’s belly will also expand quickly, and the skin cannot adapt to such a growth rate for a while.The elastic fiber and collagen fiber of the skin dermis layer are damaged and broken due to the pull of external force, which will become thinner and darkened by varying degrees of damage and break.In this process, due to limited skin elasticity, itching will occur during the process of pulling.

3. The skin is too dry

This situation is more common in winter. The winter climate is dry. The body’s water is lacking, and the skin will be peeling and itching. The same is true for pregnant women. It will even be more sensitive than ordinary people.If pregnant women do not pay attention to drinking water, the water in the body is insufficient, or the nourishment of the washing products used is insufficient, and the bathing is too frequent, which will cause itching of the body.Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to replenishing moisture, and the protection products also try to choose some products with low alkali.

4. Skin disease

Skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis, pregnancy rash, pregnancy skin disease, etc. These require pregnant women to go to the hospital for specific examination and treatment, and apply ointment or other drugs under the guidance of a doctor.Note that you must not scratch it with your hands, because it is likely to cause bacterial infections, and even more, it is likely to cause frequent contractions and cause premature birth.

5. Bile stasis during pregnancy

Bile stasis during pregnancy is a unique complications of the middle and late stages of pregnancy. It is mainly related to the significant increase in hormone levels, genetic factors, and environmental factors. This disease still has a certain geographicality.The main typical symptoms are itching of the skin, because a large amount of estrogen after pregnancy needs to be metabolized through the liver, which involves the burden on the liver, causing the bile excretion to cause obstacles, and bile acid will precipitate to the skin and stimulate the nerve ending.There is a symptom of skin itching.Itching generally starts from the palms and feet, and gradually extends to all parts of the body. The symptoms during the day are relatively mild, the symptoms of itching at night are more serious, and there will be a certain sustainability.Many pregnant women treat them as a symptom of allergies. As a result, the situation will only make the situation more serious. Excessive bile stasis will cause hypoxia in the fetus., Premature birth, even in the abdomen of the fetus.Therefore, if pregnant women have a whole body itching, they must treat them carefully and go to the hospital to find out the situation as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of bile stasis.

When pregnant women discover itching, no matter any part, they need to go to the hospital in time to see if the diagnosis is a pathological itching; usually eat more fruits and vegetables to ensure the balanced nutrition.Eating more can increase skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks; skin care must be kept up. After bathing, apply skin moisturizing and olive oil, which can also alleviate the itching of the belly.It should also be noted that itching and pathological belly itching during stretch marks are essentially different. Stretch marks are only itching of the belly, and there is no rash. The pathological itching may appear itching in other parts of the body, and most of them are still still.There will be rash, and pregnant women must distinguish them carefully.

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