Don’t be afraid of once the sun!Remember "1 thing, do not do 1 thing, eat more than 2", restore super fast

Introduction: Don’t be afraid of once the sun. Remember not to eat 1 thing, do not do 1 thing, eat more, restore super fast!

The first thing that opened my eyes every day is to turn on the phone to see if the friends around you have yang?And what are the symptoms of everyone?I also receive greetings from friends and friends every day. Drink more water and go out. Most people around you are Yang, which makes me feel panicked.The only thing I worry about me is that I am afraid that I am yang, so that the elderly and children in the family will follow the sins together.

Everyone must do a good job of self -protection, try to go out as little as possible, and disinfect more every day.Don’t panic, have a balanced mentality, let it be, don’t make yourself anxious, believe that the epidemic will end soon.Xiaobian reminds everyone again that you need to rest and exercise more to enhance your immunity. If you are really sunny, you should seek medical treatment in time, and take medicine on time according to the doctor’s instructions.If you are not afraid of it once you are in the sun, remember not to eat 1 kind of food, do not do one thing, eat these two foods, so that you can help your recovery, speed up the recovery time, and let you get healthy as soon as possible.

1 does not eat things: do not eat desserts.Desserts are highly sugar, and the calories are relatively high. It will not only slow down metabolism, but also increase the symptoms of cough and sore throat. Do not ignore this.Do not increase the burden on the body for a while, be sure to stick to it before eating.

Do not do one thing: separate a house with your family and do personal protection.

When you are a person in the house, you must live alone or go to other places where we have no family. When we live in the same place, we must pay attention to disinfection every 2 hours every day and open all the windows in the family.Also, when you give me the meal to the Zhongzhao, do not get close contact and protect it.All in all, we must strengthen personal protection and not to be transmitted to our family.

2 eat more.After the recruitment, people must drink plenty of water, let the body have sufficient water, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not eat spicy and greasy foods, and eat more light meals.Also, you must strengthen your rest. Try to sleep in bed for 2 days, it will naturally be good. If you ca n’t carry it, you must go to the hospital in time.

First, Sydney Tremella soup, Sydney contains a lot of water. If you eat raw, it is too cold.Rinse Sydney, remove the skin, then remove its pear nucleus, and finally cut into small pieces and put them in the pot.Tremella needs to be soaked in advance. After soaking it, divide it into a small flower and put it in a Sydney pot. Add a few pornographic wolfberry, a few jujube, appropriate amount of rock sugar in the pot. After boiling on high heat, turn to low heat for 30 minutes.During the recruitment period, a bowl of Sydney Tremella soup was used to sweat, cough, and lower fire.

Second, nourish the food of the liver and kidney. After the sun, you must eat more food supplements that nourish yin and lungs, so that the body can replenish nutrition in time, such as eating more tomatoes, fungus, yam, etc. of more vegetables. These foods can be moisturized.Lung cough.I recommend [Lotus Root Pill Soup] to everyone.

First prepare an appropriate amount of lotus root to clean, remove the skin, mortg it into the pork filling, put it in the seasoning and stir it into meat filling.First, use the tomato to pant the pot, put the appropriate amount of water, then put the lotus root meat filling ball into the pot into the pot, add a little fungus, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Once you are sunny, don’t panic. Remember that you do n’t eat 1 thing, do n’t do it, and eat more, so that your body recovery will be fast.That’s it for today’s sharing. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to help forward, collect, share, thank you for watching, see you tomorrow!

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