Does the shortness of breath of pregnant women affect the fetus?

After entering the third trimester, expectant mothers may find that there are many things do not feel tired when doing in the early and in the early pregnancy, but now it will be unpopular to do it, and the heartbeat is accelerating.It will breathe a lot, and you usually can’t breathe in sitting and lying, which shows that you have encountered the phenomenon of "short pregnancy".

First, why do expectant mothers have shortness of breath?

During pregnancy, you need to breathe more oxygen, and your body will adjust accordingly to meet your needs for oxygen.The increase in hormones during pregnancy, especially the increase of progesterone, directly affects your lungs and stimulate your brain’s breathing center.During pregnancy, the number of times you breathe each minute has not changed, but the amount of air you inhaled each time increases significantly, causing shortage of gas.

At the same time, the increased uterus to put pressure on the diaphragm, which will also make you feel more effortless, especially the quasi -mothers with higher fetal fetal positions or multiple twins, breathing will be more laborious.Generally a few weeks before giving birth, especially if this is your first child, you may feel that the symptoms of shortness of breath have slowed down.At this time, some expectant mothers will have a sense of relaxation, a feeling of a fetus, most of which is because the fetus enters the pot.

2. Does expectant mother have a shortness of breath on the fetus?

The expectant mother can rest assured that shortness of breath has no effect on the fetus.Short in pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. As long as you pay attention to keeping the indoor air flow fresh, inhalation of oxygen in moderation will not affect the fetus.If it is due to the increased abdominal pressure and the shortness of breath caused by the breathing movement of the diaphragm and the thorax respiratory muscles, you need to pay attention to the sleeping position as much as possible, and try to choose the sleeping position of the left side position to reduce the pressure and relieve the symptoms of shortness of breath.But if you suddenly feel shorter during pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor in time.

3. How to ease the feeling of shortness of breath during pregnancy?

If the expectant mothers have shortness of breath during pregnancy, don’t be nervous first. The shortness of breath during pregnancy is usually not a big deal, which is normal.You can slow down the rhythm of life, and don’t force yourself when you move or exercise.When you walk, try to keep your upper body straight and do your shoulders backwards to allow the lungs to expand as much as possible.When you sleep at night, you can use a side sleeping posture and raise your head with an additional pillow, which may make you feel better.If you suddenly feel short, you may wish to stop the things at hand, try to take a deep breath, and consciously slow down and relax.

Fourth, whether the shortage of qi during pregnancy indicates that there are certain diseases?

possible.If the expectant mothers have short qi and any of the following symptoms, go to the hospital immediately:

1. Gas with asthma.

2. Accelerate breathing.

3. Steady heartbeat, palpitations or dizziness.

4, chest pain or pain during breath.

5. Purple lips, fingers, or toes, or pale face.

6, obviously feel that you are hypoxic.

7. Continuous cough, fever or chilling when coughing, or cough with blood.

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