Does security check, WiFi, mobile phone, etc. have an impact on pregnant women?#Science#

Source: Chinese Women’s Daily

Ma Liangkun, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Union Hospital

When it comes to radiation, everyone often talks about "spoke" color changes, let alone pregnant women in a special period.So, does X -ray inspection, mobile phone, induction cooker, subway security check have affected pregnant women?

X -ray inspection is not so powerful.X -rays can change the state or molecular state, leading to changes in cell function and genetic structure. If the pregnant mother contacts the X -ray more than a certain amount, it may cause fetal abortion, deformity, and carcinogenic … then if you can do X -ray examination during pregnancy, you cannot do X -ray examination during pregnancy.IntersectionWhat should I do if I have to do?In fact, X -ray does not have the powerful power of "hurting people as soon as it is irradiated". The key to its harm is to look at two points: the dosage and the location of the irradiation.

1. Look at the radio dose.Whether it is an adult or a fetus, the radiation exceeds a certain amount to cause damage to the body.The Guide released by the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association in 2017 pointed out that as long as the ray dosage does not exceed 50msv (Hamisifa), it will not cause damage to the fetus, and the radiation dose of ordinary chest tablets is 0.02msv, far less than 50msv than 50msv.Essence

2. Look at the irradiation site.The location of the photo is different, and the possibility of damage is different.The radiation dose of an ordinary chest tablet is 0.02MSV, and the radiation dose of a dental piece and a knee joint X -ray is less, only 0.01MSV and 0.005msv respectively.Other parts are large, but they are also within the acceptable minimum dose range.

Therefore, the saying that "you can’t shoot X -ray films" and "have a miscarriage of X -rays" and other words are all nonsense to create panic and anxiety.Among the various inspection methods, the radiation quantity X -ray film

Metro security: try to bypass the luggage security inspection instrument.Some pregnant mothers squeeze the subway to get off work every day. Is there any radiation at the security checkpoint at the subway entrance?Will it affect the fetus?

Subway security machines are generally divided into two parts: security check door and X -ray luggage security instrument.The security gate is mainly to detect metals. It relies on a weak electromagnetic field for work. The voltage of the normal output is very small and will not cause adverse effects on the human body or pregnant mothers and fetuses.

However, the X -ray luggage security instrument is ionized radiation. Because it is to see items instead of the human body, the radiation dose is larger than the medical X -ray machine. Of course, this refers to its internal.There is a lead curtain in front of the security inspection instrument, which is a protective equipment that prevent X -ray leakage.During the operation of the security instrument, the luggage will continue to open the lead’s protective curtains, especially the peak period of the people for a long time. The protective curtain is basically in a half -open state.It is also often someone who is anxious to get back the luggage and lift the curtain of the security instrument. Having opened the lead curtain, it will undoubtedly expose themselves to the danger of radiation.

Therefore, when passing security checks, it is best for pregnant women to stay away from the luggage security checked instrument. If you can go around, you can go around as much as possible. Even if you have luggage, you have to pass the security inspection, and you must wait for all the items.stay.

There is no need to worry about mobile phones, wifi, microwave oven, and induction cookers.Mobile phones, computers, WIFIs, microwave oven, induction cookers … their radiation is non -electrode radiation. This radiation energy is relatively low, and it is difficult to affect the human body and fetus with the faster attenuation.As long as pregnant women are not close to the electrical appliances and leave dozens of centimeters, they will basically not be affected.

Now the market is very popular on the market, "radiation -proof pregnant women’s dress". If you feel that there are too many radiation around you, you are really worried that the fetus will be affected, and it is not possible to buy it.But in daily life, pregnant women are completely fine without wearing radiation uniforms.Remember: Pregnant women are not anxious, and the fetus will be healthier.

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