Does male ligation affect sexual function?Can I have children again after ligation?

In order not to have children anymore, some couples may cause accidental pregnancy if they choose contraceptive methods and contraceptive measures, so more and more ligation surgery is also favored by people.

Many people choose women’s birth surgery. In fact, male ligation is also a good way of birth. However, many people have skeptical attitudes about men’s ligation. For fear of ligation surgery, ligation surgery will affect the health of the body, and even affect the quality of future sexual life in the future.Below, I will tell you whether the male ligation will affect the body and whether it affects sexual life.

It can be said that ligation surgery can permanently solve the problem of contraception. The principle is to block the testicular interruption of sperm to the penis, so that the semen cannot be eliminated to the in vitro and can fundamentally solve the problem of contraception.As for some people worry that such a ligation surgery will affect the problem of sexual life, it is actually really worried, because during the life of the husband and wife, male friends mainly rely on the dominance of hormones and nervous system generated by testicular.There is a certain relationship with ability, so there is no direct relationship between ligation surgery and the quality of sexual life itself.

As for, after a ligation surgery, someone has declined. The main reason is that the psychological burden after ligation surgery has nothing to do with the ligation surgery itself.

Some people are worried that they can no longer ask for children after ligation. In fact, this is also more considered, because men also have a certain reversibility after ligation, that is to say, once men want to be children again, they can re -enter the voltage pipe through medical technology.Combination, this can realize the dream of baby’s baby again, which is also one of the biggest advantages of male ligation.

There is also a big advantage of men’s ligation is that almost all men can achieve permanent contraception three months after the tubal ligation after the vampire ligation. This is not comparable to all other contraceptive methods.

In the end, male ligation surgery is very convenient. Generally, there is no need to be hospitalized. You can go home after the operation. The surgery is short and the damage is very small.

In short, for those couples who want to permanent contraception, choosing a male ligation surgery is a better choice. Not only will it not have any adverse effects on men, but the success rate of contraception is particularly high. Why not?

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