Does it affect the fetus during pregnancy allergies during pregnancy?

Spring and summer skin is prone to itching and allergic, and several colleagues in the small circle office are also unfortunately recruited!Itching of the skin should not be caught frequently. If you ca n’t hold it, it will cause skin infection and purulent, but it will not be unbearable without catching it.

This mainly includes allergic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, pimples, urticaria, solar dermatitis (ultraviolet allergies), contact dermatitis, and pruritus rash.If you feel the skin suddenly itchy, then flat rashes, some are red, some are white, and some can disappear in a short time, but it is easy to recur, and urticaria can be considered.

If urticaria occurs, it is necessary to take some anti -allergic drugs, but if the patient is a pregnant woman, can you take anti -allergic drugs, will it have adverse effects on the fetus?Let’s tell you the answer.

If pregnant women are allergic to the skin, they can take some vitamin C and calcium preparations orally, and use some antipruritic rubbers. In addition, calcium glucose can be taken or calcium glucose.Calcium glucose can reduce the permeability of capillaries, increase the density of capillaries, reduce exudation, have anti -inflammatory, swelling and anti -allergic effects.Nothing and fetal have no adverse effects.Please follow the doctor’s advice.

It is worth noting that the antihistamine allergic drug has teratogenic effects in animal experiments. The daily use of Lei Ding, Setrizine, chlorophenamamin, benzeneraramopidine, Syntomya, etc.Avoid using it to avoid affecting the fetus.

Allergic hazards during pregnancy are great

Skin allergies during pregnancy have a great harm to the fetus and the mother, especially the most harm to the fetus, which is likely to cause the fetus to die in the third trimester.

1.During pregnancy, skin allergies are ill at the sixth weeks to the eighth week after pregnancy. The clinical manifestations are mainly skin damage in various forms such as red pimples, erythema and blisters in the skin.

2.The allergic phenomenon occurs in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. The main symptoms are: the skin of the whole body itching, such as the ant crawling on the body, there will be burning and discomfort.Sleep.

3.Those with severe allergies should be sent to hospital immediately and closely observe the fetal movement and fetal heart. If the fetal heart rate per minute per minute is less than 120 or more than 160 times, this shows that the fetus has hypoxia and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

1. Bathing scientifically: Too frequent bathing will take away the sebum protective layer and make the skin look more dry. If the bath water is overheated, the alkaline is soap or rubbing the bath hard, this will undoubtedly increase the dry and itching state of the skin.Therefore, the patient should not be too high when bathing, and the bathing time should not be too long.After taking a bath, you can apply some creams that prevent water evaporation to lock the skin’s moisture.It is recommended to apply emulsion within 3 minutes after bathing.

2. Enhanced moisturizing: In addition to the necessary moisturizing after bathing, you should usually apply the moisturizing agent of the skin 1 to 2 times to maintain the skin’s moisturizing 1 to 2 times according to the degree of drying of your skin to maintain the skin.

3. Reduce contact between allergens: To prevent or treat allergic diseases, the main way is to reduce the opportunity to contact allergens.People with allergies should stay away from catkins and pollen, and choose to choose as low as the catkins as possible, such as early morning, late night, or after a shower.Because allergies are closely related to heredity, prevention should start from pregnancy. If women induce allergies during pregnancy, the fetal immune system will identify this allergens and remember it.It will immediately cause allergic reactions.In order to prevent children from having the same allergies in the future, more attention should be paid during pregnancy.

4. Avoid eating and allergic foods: Pay attention to avoid foods that are prone to allergies during pregnancy and reduce the risk of allergies. Some people who allergies allergic to heterosexin should reduce eating eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, etc.; Allergies for histamine foods, etc.The crowd should reduce foods such as sea fish, shrimp, crab, and yellow cricket; in addition, some people will be allergic to litchi, pineapple, pollen food, and reduce intake.

5. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen: For personal underwear, it is best to choose natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, cotton, cotton, silk, silk, and other products to reduce the stimulation of the skin.For the newly bought underwear, be washing and then worn first, so as to avoid the harmful substances that may be residual to the skin, and itching of skin itching.

Chinese medicine fumigation treatment of various skin itching symptoms

In spring, more pollen cotton wool, mosquito and insects in summer, and it is easy to develop skin diseases in spring and summer. Fumigation therapy of Chinese medicine has certain therapeutic effects on allergic dermatitis.What is Chinese medicine fumigation?The fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine is the whole body or part of the traditional Chinese medicine steam molecular fumigation patients produced after boiling traditional Chinese medicine, and uses the stimulus such as medicinal properties and water steam to prevent disease prevention and treatment.

1. What is the principle of fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine?

The fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine is to use the physical characteristics of the skin to absorb the drug through the skin, and at the same time penetrate the acupuncture points to clear the meridians to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.This therapy can treat common skin diseases such as stubborn psoriasis (psoriasis), vitiligo, urticaria, eczema, etc., especially solving the problems of toxins, pores, dry skin, scales, and recurrence of psoriasis blood.

2. Specifies of skin diseases

You can choose traditional Chinese medicine: windproof, nepeta, Chuanxiong, Salva, ground skin, snake bed, white moss skin, black plum, angelica, red peony, Xu Changqing for fumigation.This prescription can be used for eczema, allergic dermatitis and urticaria.It is worth noting that women during pregnancy should not use fumigation, but during the preparation stage, traditional Chinese medicine can be used to adjust the body, improve physical fitness, improve immunity, and prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

3. Intimate home fumigation products

At present, in order to meet the urgent needs of most families to prepare for second child pregnancy, Steaming Group has taken the lead in developing a fumigation instrument that is suitable for the fumigation in the fumigation in the Steam SPV-Ⅱ far-infrared dual cyclic steamometer.Effective reservations, vapor moxibustion perineum, regulating physiological and reproductive functions, just use it at home anytime, anywhere, it is very suitable for the majority of women to improve their physique and actively prepare for pregnancy.

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