Does Hua need to "add salt"?Old chef: Most people make mistakes,

Does Hua need to "add salt"?Old chef: Most people make mistakes, so no wonder the meat smells old.

Fried flower armor is a food that many people like.The meat of the flower armor is very tender and the nutritional value is very rich.The price of flower nails is also ideal now.It is about a pound of 10 yuan, and it is very pleasant to buy two pounds.Because the flower armor contains sand and impurities, we must soak the flower armor and simmer the water before we fry so that the flower armor can spit sand and open the shell.

So, the most common question is, do you need to "add salt" dipping in flower armor?Adding salt when hot will affect the taste and freshness of the flower armor. This is still important.The old chef said: Most people make mistakes, no wonder the meat smells old and heavy.Below, the old chef will show you the details and specific practices that you need to pay attention to.

The first is the soaking and vomiting of flower armor.We prepare 1 catties of flower armor, wash it, put it in the pot, add 3 grams of salt, 5 drops of sesame oil, soak for 12 hours.Publishes flower armor requires salt and sesame oil, which can make the flower armor cleaner.Rinse the soaked nails twice with cold water and keep it clean.

The next step is the hot hot treatment of the flower armor, adding an appropriate amount of water to the pot.After boiling the fire, add the washed buds, add 5 ml of white wine, simmer all the buds, remove the shell, remove the bud, soak it with warm water and wash it for later use.Baijiu can make the cooking flower more tender without salt.

Stir -fried flower armor.Stir -fried Hua Jia is about to fry.Ginger, pepper, dried peppers, green red, and fresh peppers are all necessary seasonings, which can increase fragrance and freshness.Onions are also good side dishes.Add all the auxiliary materials at the temperature of 60 % of the hot oil, stir fry until the incense, add a little red pepper oil to increase the color, then add the flower armor, stir fry on high heat for 40 seconds, and then add soy sauce, white sugar, salt and a little liquor to season, stir -fry the high heat, evenly stir -fry evenly.Add garlic before leaving the pan to add fresh aroma.

key point:

1. When flower armor is soaked in water, you do not have to add salt.Adding salt will increase the concentration of moisture, causing the water to flow out of the flower armor, and the fishy water will melt into the water, making the flavor of the flower armor grow old and heavy.Most people make a mistake when adding salt.The correct way is to add liquor. After heating and volatilization, the fishy smell will be taken away, making the flower tip more tender.

2. Be sure to fry quickly when fried armor.The fried meat is more fragrant and delicious.Pepper can fresh your taste and increase your appetite.Fresh blue and white nail art is the best choice.Onion is also a very nail vegetable.It’s better to put an appropriate amount.

Does Hua need to "add salt"?Old chef: Most people make mistakes.No wonder the meat smells old and heavy.After soaking, you do n’t need to add salt when you simmer the water. It will only make the flesh of the flower buds grow old and the fishy smell is heavier.Baijiu is the first choice for flower armor.The nails that have not been opened after bleaching can be thrown away.It may be dead flower nails.Do you like to eat flower armor?Will it be fried?thank you all.

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