Does Gonghan affect pregnancy?How can a female friend Gonghan be conditioned?

In daily life, many friends will have severe symptoms such as lower abdomen pain, back pain and back pain during the holidays. Not only are they usually chilling, but the first day of the holiday is to wear two more clothes, drink a few more cups of hot, hotwater.Every time they listen to them complaining, there is always a topic of "My Gonghan is so serious, what can I do if I can’t conceive children?"Does the Gonghan affect pregnancy?How can a female friend Gonghan be adjusted?

Does Gonghan affect pregnancy?

Gong Han, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have no detailed description of this entry, but have become a physical condition that everyone agreed, has been well known and used in life.Gong Han is the cold of the uterus in the saying goes, which will cause many aspects of menstrual, pregnancy, lactation, gynecological diseases, and other aspects.Does the Gonghan affect pregnancy?

Gong Han will affect women’s pregnancy.In real life, the main reason for many women infertility is indeed Gong Han.Gonghan generally causes women’s menstrual irregularities. The menstrual period will be delayed for more than ten days, as many as two or three months, which will cause abnormal ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy will be reduced.From another perspective, women’s uterus temperature is low, and it is not suitable for fetal growth. Even if it is not easy to conceive, it is easy to have a miscarriage.Therefore, if the women in Gonghan want to get pregnant, they must regulate the uterine environment before pregnancy.

How can a female friend Gonghan be conditioned?

If a female friend is a congenital palace cold, it mainly relies on diet therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to condition. Eat more foods that nourish qi and warm up daily. You can also take some soups under the guidance of Chinese medicine, such as Danshen, Codonopsis, Angelica, etc.It is a good treatment medicine.

Usually, female friends can also massage their Yongquan points before going to bed, which can solidify the yang to protect the qi.In addition, scraping the lumbosacral, abdomen, and lower abdomen to red hair and fever every 3 to 5 days can effectively improve the cold of the palace.No matter how good you can go to a regular Chinese medicine hospital, let Chinese medicine practitioners use moxa to warm your moxibustion to your Qihai Point and Guanyuan Point.However, moxa warm moxibustion needs to be baked for 30 minutes per day for long -term effectiveness, so it is suitable for some more free female friends to do it, and the busy friends will massage it by themselves.

Gong Han women usually need to control their mouths, do not drink cold drinks, eat cold foods, etc.; In summer, keep warm and keep warm.To avoid cold; when you are free, you can take a half or hour of physical exercise for walking, jogging and other physical exercise to increase yang and drive blood circulation. At the same timecold.

The influence of Gonghan can be large or small, so female friends actively condition their bodies and improve the quality of life for their own health.

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