Does anyone tell you that when you are pregnant, these symptoms are a male baby

Do you have these symptoms of pregnancy?

One: Sour spicy girl

In fact, this is just some of the people’s claims, which is unscientific.In fact, many of them are because the taste changes after pregnancy, and there are still nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, etc., and acidic can alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, and they will also like to eat acid.Some like to eat spicy food, so the sour girl is inaccurate

Two: The belly -shaped tip is male treasure, and the female treasure is round; the navel protrusions are male treasures, and the recessed are female treasures;

In fact, the belly shape of the pregnant woman has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus, but the fetus is different in the belly. There are rear abdomen walls, and some are forward, so there are some rounded tips, as well as the size of the fetus and the pregnant woman’s pregnant woman.The pelvis is related

Three: Black lines under the navel are male treasures, none of them are female treasures

In fact, the black line on the stomach is a pregnancy line. Each pregnant woman has different constitutions, so some, some, and some, and pregnant women are imbalanced in estrogen androgen secretion during pregnancy, deepen the pigment and cause the bottom pigment deposition of the skin to the bottom of the skin, So some pregnancy lines are very dark, obvious, this has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus

Four: Male treasure fetal heart rate is less than 140, and more than 140 is the female treasure; male treasure fetus is slow, slow, like big waves, female treasures move fast, drums are small, small

In fact, there is no scientific basis. Fetal movement can only indicate that your baby is active and not active

Five: Huai Nanbao is a bad skin, and the skin of Huai Nuobao is smooth. In fact, pregnant women’s skin is related to diet and sleep. Some people often stay up late, not rest well, or like spicy food, plus skin cleaning, not in place.And changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can affect the skin, so the sex of the fetus is very skin -free.

Even some of the pregnancy seen on the TV first have a boy, the right foot is a girl, and the body shape of the pregnant woman from the back.These are inaccurate.Take my personal experience, I am pregnant with poor skin, sour food, the navel protruding and pregnancy lines are obvious, and the fetal heart rate is basically around 145.It was male treasure, but I welcomed my cute little princess.I didn’t disappoint because I was not a male treasure, but I liked my current baby!In fact, boys and girls are related to the man, and they are the same for boys and women. As long as the baby is healthy and healthy, the male and female treasures are all the treasures of parents. Just look at these people.EssenceThe above is just a personal point of view. Don’t spray it!IntersectionIntersection

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