Doctors have found "fetal position incorrect"?Don’t be afraid, keep in mind 5 methods of 3 elements!

99%of expectant mothers have experienced absence of fetal position, but only the abnormal fetal position in the third trimester should attract attention.Does the fetal position in the third trimester need to be corrected?The due date has arrived, what should I do if the fetal position is not right?Listen to experts.

During the pregnancy check, many expectant mothers were afraid of hearing "fetal position". In fact, the abnormal fetal position would not have any adverse effects on the fetal development.For more than 9 months in the mother’s belly, the fetus will continue to change the position, especially in the middle of pregnancy, so as long as he/she can return the position before giving birth, don’t worry too much.

In normal circumstances, the head of the fetus should be facing the uterine mouth (that is, the head is on the foot). This fetal position is also called the header.In contrast, the situation of the fetus’s feet facing the uterine mouth, that is, the "hip position", plus the "horizontal position" and "oblique position", etc., which are collectively referred to as "fetal position".Because the fetus is active in the mother’s belly, it is likely that the fetal position will be found during a certain delivery check.

Many expectant mothers have experienced unconcerned fetal positions. In fact, sometimes doctors are just a word of inadvertent words to make B time to make bumo mothers.In the early pregnancy, due to the large space in the uterus and frequent fetal activity, even if the temporary fetal position occurred, there was no need to worry about it.Because it is not right to find out the fetal position, it does not mean that it is impossible to give birth!

From 28 weeks of pregnancy, we need to start paying attention to the problem of incorrect fetal position, and even if the fetal position is not changed in the later pregnancy, some expectant mothers even corrected the fetal position before giving birth.Therefore, there is no need to be nervous because of the absence of fetal position.

When the uterus is fully relaxed, there is enough space for the fetus to move, which helps the fetus to return to the head.Therefore, the key to correcting the fetal position is to make the uterine wall stretch as much as possible, and do not hinder fetal activity.

Relax: Try to maintain a comfortable posture as much as possible, do not do too heavy work, otherwise it will cause shrinkage of the uterine wall.

Decompression: When the stress of the expectant mothers is too large, the uterine wall will shrink.Moderate exercise, doing things that you usually like, are all good decompression methods.

Cold prevention: Cold is the source of all diseases.During pregnancy, you must pay more attention to keep warm, especially pay attention to the warmth of the lower body and limbs.This helps to soothe the uterine wall, and it is also conducive to the fetal activities of the fetus in the uterus, and it will help correct the fetal position.

Choose the sleeping position you feel comfortable.Generally speaking, keeping the side of the same direction is conducive to fetal activity.But in this way, it is easy to cause the body and even the tension of the uterine wall.Therefore, as long as you feel comfortable, you don’t have to sleep until dawn.

Massage your stomach while bathing.Bathing is a good way to warm the body and relax yourself.At this time, gently massage the abdomen, the fetus will feel very comfortable, and start to be active.Note that the bath time should not exceed half an hour.

Moderate exercise.Aerobic exercise can relieve stress and promote blood circulation.This is not only conducive to correcting the fetal position, but also promotes the delivery.Sports also need to master the right degree, not excessive exercise.

Talk to the fetus.The fetus has actually heard the voice of the parents.The expectant mother patted the belly gently and said to the baby "the head is here", the fetus may respond to the mother’s words before.

Pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen and limbs.The abdomen and limbs are warm, and the shrinkage of the uterine wall can be relieved.Drinking a hot drink is a pretty good choice.

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