Doctor loyalty: Don’t be deceived by film and television dramas!These look are "normal" breasts

I received a letter: I have been interested in the topic of the chest since I was a child, not only because it is a part of a woman, but also because I found that the depiction of the chest in the film and television drama is always misunderstanding.Whenever I see the flawless, upright and plump breasts in the TV series, I will have a sense of inferiority and feel that my chest is not good enough.What kind of chest is normal?

Doctor replies: As part of the female body, the chest is one of the focus of many women’s attention and attention.However, we are often influenced by film and television dramas and media, and are shaped a "perfect" chest image, which is not completely consistent with the real situation in real life.

The chest is one of the unique features of each woman’s body, and they have differences in terms of size, shape, color, and symmetry.Understanding these common chest appearance helps us better understand and accept our bodies.The following will introduce some common chest appearance:

Different chest size: The size and shape of the chest varies from individual differences.Some women may have smaller breasts, while some women have larger breasts.The size of the chest is related to factors such as heredity, hormones and body fat content.It is worth noting that A, B, C, and D cups are just a size classification and cannot represent the perfection of the chest.

The color and size of the nipples and areola: the color of the nipples and areola varies from individual differences.They can be pink, dark brown or other colors, which is completely normal.The size of the nipples is also different. Some women’s nipples are small, and some women’s nipples are large, which is also a normal mutation.

The shape of the chest and symmetry: The shape of the chest can be round, flat, pear -shaped, etc., everyone has a unique shape.Few breasts on both sides are completely symmetrical, and slight asymmetry is normal.Some women may find that one side of the chest is larger or more prominent than the other side, which is also a common situation.

The texture of the chest: the texture of the chest varies from individual differences.Some women’s breasts may feel soft, while some women’s breasts may feel more solid.This usually depends on the proportion of breast tissue and adipose tissue.

Breast hyperplasia and cystic breasts: Some women may experience breast hyperplasia, which is a situation caused by increased chest tissue.It can cause the thickness of the chest to increase, and the chest lump or nodule appears.The cystic chest is a common chest condition, where the cysts in the chest tissue become larger or more prominent.

During pregnancy and lactation, it is a period of maximum changes in women’s breasts, which is caused by changes in hormones.The following is a detailed description of chest changes during pregnancy and lactation:

In the early stages of pregnancy, women’s chests may become larger and more sensitive, and some women will feel sore.This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, the level of progesterone increased, which led to hyperplasia and fat accumulation of breast tissue.In the later stages of pregnancy, the level of progesterone will be higher, resulting in more obvious hyperplasia of the chest glands. At this time, the pigmentation around the areola and nipples may become more obvious.These changes are to provide nutrition and energy for babies and prepare breastfeeding.

During breastfeeding, women’s breasts will change more.When a baby sucks his nipples, it stimulates breast milk.Milk flows in the breast pipe and is released through the nipples.Within a few weeks of breastfeeding, milk may be light, but over time, the amount and quality of milk will gradually increase.

The shape of the breast during breastfeeding will also change.The skin around the nipples may become dry and itchy.The tissue around the areola and nipples will become more congested and sensitive.The nipples may also become more prominent and sensitive.During breastfeeding, some women may have chest pain, infection or inflammation.This may be because the chest is blocked or infected.

Protecting women’s chest health is essential for women’s overall health and well -being.Here are some important measures to protect female chest health:

Self -examination of the chest: It is very important to regularly perform self -chest examinations, which can help women find any abnormalities or masses.Learn the correct chest self -examination method and check at the same time every month.If you find any abnormalities, such as lumps, hard blocks, skin changes or breasts, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Regular chest examination: In addition to self -examination, regular chest examination is also very important.It is recommended that women have a professional chest examination once a year, and doctors or breast experts are performed.This can be found early and take any potential problems and take necessary treatment measures in a timely manner.

Dressing appropriate underwear: Wearing suitable underwear is very important for supporting and protecting the chest.Select underwear with the right size to ensure that the chest is properly supported and comfortable.Over -tight or inappropriate underwear may cause unnecessary pressure and discomfort to the chest.

Breast cancer screening: Breast cancer screening includes chest X -ray examination (chest X -ray photography or chest molybdenum target examination) and chest ultrasound examination.For specific ages and high -risk people, it may also be recommended to perform breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or genetic testing.

Protecting women’s chest health requires comprehensive consideration of multiple aspects.Setting above is an important measure.Through these positive actions, women can maintain the health of the chest and find any potential problems early in order to take appropriate treatment and preventive measures in time.Remember, paying attention and protecting breast health are important issues that every woman should pay attention to.

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