Doctor: There are a large number of parasites in these 5 common ingredients, it is best not to eat anymore

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Nowadays, there are more and more food, and the foodiers are getting higher and higher. I want to taste everything. In fact, there are many foods in the food.Did you get a recruitment?

The price of Tianluo is relatively cheap, but it is very troublesome to eat, and there are very few meat. This kind of thing can only be used as a casual snack, which is very small, but because of its unique taste, it is loved by the masses, but the inner structure of the field snails isIt is more complicated, it is difficult to clean, and the field snails live in the paddy field for a long time, which will inevitably bring some parasites.

Japanese cuisine is really delicious, especially sashimi, which is delicious and sweet. It is really difficult to let people put down chopsticks. In fact, many of the raw meats have parasites.If you like to eat Japanese ingredients, you should pay attention to it. If you have to eat, you must go to a regular Japanese restaurant. The selection and processing methods are more reliable.

We should have encountered a similar experience of eating flower clams and eating sand. It is also difficult to clean the sediment of the clams, and the meat will shrink after heating.After water, stir -fry and seasoning. In just a few minutes, the dishes are on the table. It is possible that the parasites inside have not been killed.

Steak is a kind of food from the West. It is born in China and is loved by the public.Eating steak is particular, that is, the maturity of steaks. Generally, steaks will choose 5 points or 7 points to keep the steak fresh. Although this cooked steak tastes good, the risk of existence is also the risk of existenceVery large, because the cow grows different environment, there will be some parasites that can not be seen on the beef. Eat these unpretentious steaks will cause burden on the stomach and intestines.

Many people like to order duck intestines when they eat hot pot. They will be delivered to their mouths in the bottom of the pot for a while. This way of eating is really not safe.Many people may not know that the places with the most parasites and bacteria in ducks are duck intestines. If they do not go through deep processing, parasites are difficult to kill.

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