Do you want to give your child ice cream and ice cream in summer?After reading the gap between eating and not eating

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Jiajia’s mother has liked to read Chinese medicine books from an early age. She saw that Chinese medicine said that she could not eat cold drinks, especially children. Eating cold drinks would cause stomach cold. Once the stomach was cold, it would affect the child’s health, so I did n’t give Jiajia to eat Jiajia from an early cream.

Once Jiajia went to the uncle’s house, there were many ice cream and ice cream in the refrigerator of the uncle’s family. The cousin and cousin both took the ice cream to eat, and also gave it to Jiajia to eat.

However, Jiajia’s mother told Jiajia: Ice cream can’t be eaten, it will be cold after eating, Jiajia can only look at the cousin and cousin to eat, but she is very aggrieved in her heart. Why can others eat it?I can’t eat it?

Later, Jiajia quarreled with her mother to live in the uncle’s house. The mother had no time to go to work. It happened that it was a summer vacation. Let Jiajia play with his cousin at his cousin and cousin. The mother left the front foot, and the back of Jiajia pulled.Mo Yan said, I want to eat ice cream, and I said: Go to the refrigerator by yourself.

As a result, Jiajia took one after another, and ate three ice cream one after another to put it down. When she was eating, she couldn’t eat it at all. She went to bed in the afternoon and ate ice cream. As a result, she had never eaten so many ice cream.Speaking of stomach pain and uncomfortable.

I hurriedly took my cousin and went to the hospital with Jiajia. I went to the hospital cousin and said that my cousin had just ate several ice cream just now and finished all the people I like to eat.I only knew it and said: Why do you eat so much at once?The cousin and cousin they ate one two a day, and they could stand so much at once.

When my mother listened to it, she would not be angry: I clearly told you that you ca n’t eat ice cream, you ca n’t eat ice cream, you have to eat it, and you will not give you to the uncle’s house in the future!


Seeing that many mothers may really feel that they should not eat ice cream. In fact, the biggest problem is because Jiajia has never eaten ice cream since she was a child. Suddenly she ate so much.Similar things will occur.

Just like some people have eaten at home since childhood, and occasionally take their children out to eat a meal outside, the child will be uncomfortable and diarrhea.

In fact, there is no problem with the meals outside, but this child has not eaten outside. Once suddenly, his gastrointestinal and intestines can’t stand it.

Therefore, the problem is not on the ice cream, but because the parents’ attitude towards children eat ice cream and ice cream, it is a bit too correct without giving children!

Gap 1: Children’s acceptance of ice cream and other snacks, gastrointestinal acceptance

Qiuqiu is a kindergarten teacher. She is very upset every year Children’s Day, because the school requires a event, that is, let the children bring some snacks to the school to eat together, and let the children have a happy Children’sChildren’s Day.

This is indeed a good thing, but there is a child named Mao Mao in Qiuqiu’s class. Since his childhood, his parents will not let him eat snacks, so he is very eager for all the snacks. Each time Children’s Day, heEat desperately and get sick on the second day.

After Qiuqiu knew, he didn’t limit Mao Mao to eat snacks, and only gave him a small amount, but the second day was still uncomfortable.

Therefore, if the child has never been exposed to the snacks such as ice cream, ice cream, etc., it will cause his gastrointestinal requirements to be very high, and it will not accept the snacks, so that the child cannot enjoy this happy childhood that other children have.

Gap 2: Children’s psychological disobedience feels

Parents have not allowed their children to eat ice cream and ice cream from a young age, but the whole summer cannot see that other children eat it. When they see other children eat, the child’s heart will have a desire.It will make children feel uncomfortable!

I do n’t match it. I do n’t have to eat delicious things. I do n’t deserve to have good things. This can be said to be a disaster for children. When children feel that they do n’t deserve anything, it is difficult to have a good life!

But since childhood, children have allowed children to eat snacks, ice cream, and ice cream, which will make children feel that what I think can be obtained, so I have a happy life.

Gap three: Children’s group level

We humans are a group. If everyone can eat ice cream and ice cream occasionally in this group, then everyone has a common feature that is classified as the same type of person.

But if a child never eats ice cream, ice cream, and other snacks, and even in school, he will not bring snacks, then it is difficult for him to make a piece with his classmates, and it is easy to be isolated.Feeling, it is easy to make children depressed and cause psychological gaps.

For children, summer ice cream and ice cream may be the source of his happiness, so parents can choose some relatively healthy children for their children, such as less sugar, or make ice cream and ice cream by themselves, make pieces of small pieces, so that children can also make children tooBeing happy and happy, so that children can be more psychological and healthier at the same time.

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