Do you want to eat more?This wrong concept must be changed

As soon as many pregnant mothers are pregnant, they will be protected by their families. All kinds of delicious, who want to eat, and nutrition are all delivered to their mouths, and then they grow rapidly. Some people can even reach 40 pounds and 50 pounds.Here, Li Huiling, director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecology Department of Hongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, reminded everyone that the weight gain during pregnancy is not necessarily a good thing.

1. How much is more suitable for weight gain during pregnancy?

Women with normal weight are more suitable for 10-12.5kg during pregnancy. The growth of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is not uniform. Generally, the growth of weight within the first 3 months is not obvious, and it is not very significant.Wanderer; after 3 months, the weight will change significantly, and the week will increase by about 0.45kg every week, and slowly start to show your arms. After 7 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that not only will their belly significantly larger, but they will also become larger, but their actions will also be larger.It becomes very bulky, these are normal.

2. What is the harm of weight gain too much or too slow during pregnancy?

The weight growth during pregnancy should be kept within a reasonable range.

The weight gain is too slow. Pregnant mothers and fetuses may have malnutrition, hyperthyroidism, and abutment of fetal development; if they grow too fast, it is easy to cause hypertension during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and huge children.In these two cases, whether it is for the pregnant mothers or the children in the pregnant mother’s belly, they are very unfavorable.

3. How to replenish sufficient nutrition for pregnancy, will not gain too much weight?

In the early pregnancy, due to the slow growth of the fetus, there is no need to force a large amount of nutrition at this stage. However, this stage is an important period of fetal growth and development. The lack of or excessive amounts of nutrients can cause early fetal dysfunction and deformity.

In the second trimester, the fetal growth and development of the fetus quickly need to increase heat, supplement sufficient protein, and increase the intake of animal food, vegetable oil, vitamin and trace elements.Diet should have both meat and vegetables, coarse and detailed matching, and take enough food and valley food at the same time.Due to the increasing uterus in the middle of pregnancy, the stomach is squeezed, making it easy for pregnant mothers to have a sense of fullness after a meal.

During the third trimester, this period of time is the highest growth of fetal growth, the most storage nutrients in the carcass, the highest peak of metabolism and tissue growth in pregnant women. Nutrition is also more important than the previous two periods.And with the continuous increase of the fetus in the third trimester, the compression of the uterus on the stomach is more obvious. Pregnant mothers often eat less foods and even have a sense of "burning heart".

Therefore, in general, light diet, eat less meals, comprehensive nutrition and moderate exercise is a general rule for how to eat during pregnancy.In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers test the weight once a week to see if their weight growth is within a reasonable category.If you look too fast, remind yourself to control it.

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