Do you want to do the marriage check?After reading the marriage inspection items and precautions, make a decision

Marriage inspection refers to pre -marital examinations, and germ examinations, conventional medical examinations, etc., can be used to find disease earlier, which can improve the happiness index after marriage, which has significant significance.

If you want to do it, you must learn about relevant knowledge in advance and know the content of the inspection.Some people say that before marriage, it is just a gimmick and waste money. Some people think it is necessary to provide guarantees for the marriage between the two. Is this inspection necessary?

Before marriage, it is necessary, because the relevant inspection items can understand the health level of both men and women. Whether there are diseases are developing, healthy problems are dealt with in time, and the quality of life after marriage is helpful.

The cause of the breakdown of many marriages is that the man or the woman cannot have normal fertility, or there are certain genetic diseases. After marriage, it is found that the impact is not small.For health and future life considerations, it is best to conduct pre -marital examinations.

Pre -marital examinations need to be involved in multiple items. Among them, infectious diseases must be performed, including hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, etc. In addition, it also involves mental illness, including schizophrenia, mania, depression, etc.

The more important are congenital genetic diseases, including dysplasia of cartilage, malnutrition of adeptic muscle muscle, primary epilepsy, and albinism. The investigation of these genetic diseases requires examination of chromosomes.The malformation of the reproductive system affects fertility. It can be diagnosed through B -ultrasound and gynecological examinations, andrology examinations.

There are a lot of points to pay attention to before marriage, especially to keep a certain distance from the wedding period. Once the test results are abnormal and there is treatment time.Of course, the relevant documents must be brought during inspection, and women should avoid menstrual periods. After three days of clean menstruation, the marriage check can be avoided, so as not to affect the judgment of the results.

Some projects need an empty stomach. It is best to stop taking food on the day of the inspection, and the day before yesterday, the diet should be light. Do not consume high irritating, high -calorie food, and rest.Examination can prevent others from interfere with factors that affect the results of the inspection.

Pre -marital inspection is not only a kind of inspection project, but also the knowledge that allows humans to spread and health.This inspection has many meanings, which is conducive to the health of both parties. In order to consider the next generation, there are abnormal conditions and diseases. It can be diagnosed early and actively treats, so as not to bring uncomfortable adverse consequences.

Of course, it is conducive to the improvement of the quality of fertility. Through the inquiry of family history, investigation, and combined with the inspection results, some genetic defects can be clearly diagnosed, thereby reducing the risk of health problems in the next generation.In addition, the marriage check also helps to take the initiative to have the opportunity and contraception of conception, and achieve eugenics.”Zero plan”

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