Do you want to do skin care during pregnancy?

Try not to make up during pregnancy is the consensus of unparalleled mothers. Even many unbelievable mothers have omitted the basic skin care, and they are afraid that it will cause unnecessary harm to the baby.

In fact, as hormone secretion during pregnancy increases, the natural immunity of the skin will decrease, and the decline in defense ability will inevitably cause the skin to be sensitive and fragile. Usually, ultraviolet rays such as damage to the skin, etc.It will also leave more traces. Basic care is still not abandoned, the key is how you care.

About the care of pregnancy and listening to what the Star Moms say

Sun Yan: Mild cleansing, sleep is a good skin care recipe

Sun Yan believes that skin problems such as dull skin tone, dryness, and uneven oil secretion during pregnancy are prone to occur. The so -called pregnant women do not need skin care because those skin care products are not good for mothers and babies, so it should take some energy to take care of the skin.

Clean work during pregnancy is particularly important. You can choose cleaning supplies designed for pregnant women, and wash your face once in the morning and evening to remove dirt.In order to prevent the loss of skin moisture, it is necessary to apply a special moisturizing product for pregnant women, and it is necessary to choose skin care products with pure naturally without alcohol, hormones, heavy metals, mineral oils and chemical flavors.

However, Sun Yan believes that sleep is the most convenient and effective way for skin care.She suggested that in addition to basic care, expectant mothers should pay attention to sleeping regularly, not to stay up late.

Yuan Yongyi: To make enough hydration, the simpler skin care, the better

Yuan Yongyi, who is "beautiful", is a sensitive skin. The simpler her claims of pregnancy during pregnancy is better.

Because the skin is easy to be allergic, she has never dared to use spice skin care products to follow the principle of "simpler the better and better" by the doctor’s suggestion. Daily care is more mild skin care products.When I was pregnant.Try not to make up, do more hydrating work, use the essence of hydration and apply the water supplement mask.

For parts that are most likely to expose women in the neck and corners of the eyes, not only skin care products such as eye essence and neck mask, but also some soft massage.

Ma Yizhen: Moisturizing and less sun protection, massage cream to remove stretch marks

As a mother of two children, the countermeasures of skin care Ma Yizhen during pregnancy are more hydration. The hydrating mask is the simplest hydration method. It can be applied once or twice a week. At the same time, it can be maintained by moisturizing lotion or moisturizing cream.

Although the sunscreen has outstanding skin care effects, it is relatively irritating. Ma Yizheng chooses to use as little as possible, and rely on the sun umbrella to cover the ultraviolet rays. If you want to choose sunscreen, SPF15 sunscreen is sufficient, and at this time, at this time, at this time, at this time, at this time,Try to avoid sensitivity and try to use the skin that can adapt to more adaptation.

In addition, stretch marks will gradually appear after 4-5 months of pregnancy. In order to get rid of stretch marks, Ma Yizhen recommends insisting on using a massage cream containing vitamin E or collagen components to massage in parts that are prone to stretch marks.

Weng Hong: Avoid stimulation, hydrating and freckle is the key

It was only 40 years old only her daughter. Weng Hong, as an elderly mother, was mainly used in conjunction with endocrine changes during pregnancy.She believes that the impact of irritating skin care products on the baby, but if the maintenance work is not done during pregnancy, it will be very difficult to remove pregnancy spots and restore the complexion.

Postpartum women’s most often encounters skin problems is dry skin and producing colors. It is specially recommended to use some fruit mask for hydrating and locking water. This can also achieve rosy skin color and hydrating water.As for the color spots, it is caused by hormone fluctuations and caused by melanin precipitation. Be careful to whiten, and you cannot choose any product containing fruit acid.

Daily care that skin care should be done during pregnancy

1. The skin is very sensitive during pregnancy. Each time you wash your face, you should use a mild soap -free cleansing product, such as some drug -made facial cleanser and clean skin.

2. Some expectant mothers will cause acne during pregnancy, and some active ingredients in anti -acne products should be used with caution 3 months before pregnancy.Therefore, when paying attention to skin cleaning, you should choose natural plant skin care products to moisturize.Such products are usually refreshing and breathable and will not cause burden.

3. Anti -drying some pregnant women’s skin stratum corneum during pregnancy is thickened, making the face particularly dry, and artists often need to catch up and run in the cold wind. Especially now, the use of pure natural moisturizing products is the focus of daily skin care.

4. For investigation, about 1/3 of pregnant women will produce pregnancy spots during pregnancy. If they use mercury -containing freckle removal products if they use mercury -containing lead, they may "harm" their babies.Therefore, it is recommended to use the mother -to -child series skin care products or pure natural products to control the development of pigmentation.

5. The skin during anti -ultraviolet pregnancy will be particularly sensitive to light, so sunscreen must be sunscreen regardless of home or out.Many people treat the sun spots that do not pay attention to sun protection as a pregnancy spots. As a result, they cannot be eliminated after pregnancy.Secondly, try to choose pure physical sunscreen (with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as objects) products, which should be safe and effective.

6. Simple skin care daily skin care steps must be simple. Do not cause burden on the skin. You should try to use some natural hot spring water and skin care products of some drug brands to care.

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