Do you think he is unlucky?Employees did not take pregnancy as soon as they joined the job. What should companies do if they encounter it?


As soon as the employee joined the job for a month and a half, he suddenly announced his pregnancy?

Should companies think that this kind of thing is unlucky?

Basic cases are not complicated: a small company of 5-6 people has attracted a employee with poor performance and intends to dismiss.

As a result, the person had not had time to dismiss, and the people directly announced that they were pregnant.

No surprise, no surprise.

So the company’s concerns and demands said: Be pregnant for two years?Can it be fired?

In response to this problem, the netizens below also commented:

"Real cases, the boss dissolves the company. Except for employees who are pregnant, the rest of the original class will re -open a company.

Although the netizen said, "real cases, legal support, applause, and specific check." However, the problem was that there were no specific cases cited.

Even the topic itself is not necessarily true. Therefore, everyone’s right to look at the paragraphs, don’t take it seriously.

Of course, the topic itself is not possible in reality, and similar incidents have occurred in life.

Since the problem exists, it is necessary to discuss.

This is the first strange place.

Because in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of my country, for employees’ maternity leave, there are clear stipulations:

"Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Female Workers"

That is to say, the general maternity leave is 98 days, about three months.

How to calculate two years, here is a question mark.

Moreover, the preconceived "raising two years" is also ambiguous.

Because pregnancy is not equivalent to losing the ability to work, it needs to be viewed in stages.

Everyone should know that pregnancy is a process, and maternity leave is not the moment of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, 6-7 months before pregnancy, in the case of stability of the fetus, the enterprise arranges the employee to work in the right position.

Therefore, even if employees are pregnant during this period, if they pay normally, the enterprise should pay the corresponding remuneration, which is righteous.

Therefore, there is no basis for "employees to be raised for two years", and the preconceived "raising" is actually completely ignoring the stage where employees still have the ability to work, and it is not advisable.

The problem of dismissal has always been one of the most controversial focus between enterprises and workers.

The example of the topic itself is just overlapping pregnancy on the issue of dismissal, but in the final analysis, it is still the problem of dismissal.

Whether or not or not, in fact, as long as the Employee Law is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law, no matter whether employees are pregnant or not affect the company’s layoffs.

"Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China"

For a simple example, a pregnant employee stole the money of the company and involved criminal cases.Then the company can fire the employee.

Because if you are pregnant, you can avoid punishment, wouldn’t it mean to tell the employees directly that there is no need to sneak, just grab the light.

Therefore, pregnancy is not a gold medal for death, and the law of the law is made wrong.

As mentioned earlier, the way netizens responded to the officials of pregnancy after one month after the employees were in the employee: dissolve the company.

We assume that it is feasible.

Then count the cost.

(1) Do not dissolve the company, continue to hire pregnant workers:

As mentioned earlier, the maternity leave starts at 98 days, so we assume that a person’s salary is 5,000.

Without dissolving the company, the cost that needs to be paid during maternity leave is about 3 months of salary, 15,000.

(2) Disding the company and fired pregnancy employees:

Originally 5-6 people, 6 people, coupled with pregnancy employees, a total of 7 people.

Assuming the company can dissolve immediately, 7 people compensation, n+1.

Here N refers to the working life, and every year N is +1, here n is to take all 1.

Employees who have just joined the employment have only been working in less than two months, and they are less than 6 months in less than one year.

So here is 5000*6*(1+1)+5000*(0.5+1) = 67500 yuan.

The light dissolution company costs 67,500, which is 4.5 times the cost of firing employees.

Who can’t live with the boss, and can’t live with money.

Of course, this is just the cost of dissolving the company.

Logging out and reopening the company, which one does not need time.

Does the company do not need to operate during this time?

All the losses add up, do you think there are still the need for the entire company for the whole company?

So I hope that after you calculate the cost, you will review it again.

It’s really open to open your mouth.

Don’t forget that enterprises need to pay social security according to law.

Among them, the maternity insurance in social security is the bottom of the company’s pregnancy workers.

"Regulations on Maternity Insurance in Guangdong Province"

In other words, as long as the company bought social security according to law, the company can declare to the government.

The state will allocate the childbirth allowance to the pregnancy employee.

In addition, when we return to the topic itself, in fact, the original intention of the fertility security system is good, and why there will be resistance.

In fact, the information is asymmetric. If the employee enters the company, it will be well -known for the company, not purely for the baby.

Then I believe that between enterprises and talents should trust each other, respect each other, and understand each other.

But if you just want to settle your fetus, not creating income, then no matter which industry you go to, it is not popular.

Finally, as long as the enterprise pays social security in accordance with the law and formulate a compliance system, at least when similar problems are encountered, they can be eased.

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