Do you still insist on vegetarianism after pregnancy?Be wary of the lack of 5 nutrients, teach you how to make up for it

In our lives, many female friends are more advocating vegetarianism whether they are for health or faith.But after pregnancy, I couldn’t help but start to worry, one person eats, two people use it.It always feels that nutrition is a bit "powerless" by eating vegetarianism.

If women still want to insist on vegetarian food after pregnancy, then be alert to the following five kinds of lack of nutrients and tell you how to make up.

1. High -quality protein

During pregnancy, the baby’s growth and development and the increase of the mother’s organs require high -quality protein to participate.In daily life, animal food is a good source of high -quality protein. If pregnant mothers do not eat animal food, then pay attention to increasing the intake of soy products, because the protein in soybeans is also relatively high -quality, it is a vegetarian mother high -quality protein.Good source.

2, iron

Iron deficiency can lead to anemia for pregnant mothers, which can also lead to low weight of the fetus and even affect the intellectual development of the baby. Therefore, iron is also extremely important for pregnant mothers.

The good source of iron is also animal foods such as red meat, liver, animal blood. Generally, the iron content in plant food is not high, and the absorption utilization rate is relatively low.

If it is a vegetarian pregnant mother, you can choose to eat more plant foods with higher iron content such as beans, algae, dried fruits, and whole grains. At the same time, sufficient vitamin C can promote the absorption of plant iron. Therefore, it is recommended to vegetarian food.Pregnant mothers should also consume more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

3. Calcium

In our daily life, the highest quality source of calcium is nothing more than milk and dairy products.If the pregnant mother is egg -milk vegetarian, the milk is sufficient to intake, and the problem of calcium deficiency will be much smaller.However, if it is a vegan, we must pay attention to taking more green leafy vegetables and soy products. These two types of foods are also a relatively good source of calcium.

4. DHA

DHA plays a very important role in the vision and nerve development of the baby. If the pregnant mother does not eat some seafood, the intake of DHA during pregnancy may be insufficient.

Although among vegetable oils such as linseed oil and perilla oil, it also contains α-linolenic acid that can be converted into DHA, but after all, the conversion rate is low, and we cannot consume a lot of oil. ThereforeA certain DHA algae oil is made up.

5. Vitamin B12

The lack of vitamin B12 can lead to abnormal nervous system and affect the brain and psychological state.The most important thing is that the deficiency of vitamin B12 will also induce the occurrence of anemia in giant red blood cells.

Because vitamin B12 basically only exists in animal foods, and the recommendation of pregnancy during pregnancy is higher than usual. Therefore, when choosing strict vegetarian food, pregnant mothers must use dietary supplements to supplement vitamin B12.

In short, if pregnant mothers can choose to restore their normal diet during pregnancy, or transform into a semi -vegetarian food, it is best.However, if you must abide by strict vegetarian food because of faith, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should choose a certain dietary supplement during pregnancy while pay attention to reasonable vegetarian food.

Mom, what kind of taste changes do you have after pregnancy?What foods do you like?Welcome to share your pregnancy experience with you ~

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