Do you often "fart" when you are pregnant, will it affect the development of the fetus?Be careful!

Xiao Cao has been pregnant for two months.Her belly rang often.Sometimes she feels the gas through the intestine.Because she farted all day, her husband also called her the stinky king, and she complained that she was putting "poisonous gas" all day.She was laughed at by her husband, and even felt that her husband would abandon her.

Pregnancy always farts. Most mothers have experienced this kind of "shame", which makes the mother feel very embarrassed, especially in front of outsiders.Not only that, pregnant women are also worried about whether their body is abnormal and whether the development of the fetus will be affected.In fact, pregnant women often have a normal phenomenon of flatulence or farting, not to mention that they need to hold their breath, and have a small impact on the fetus, but pay attention to constipation.

Specific mothers cannot completely ignore the phenomenon of "fart".If gastrointestinal bloating is particularly serious, flatulence may induce constipation.Constipation is more or less harmful to the fetus.Long -term constipation can lead to the accumulation of body toxins, which is not conducive to the health of the fetus. If there are too many pregnant women, it is easy to move the fetal gas.Pregnant women often fart, which is usually related to these two factors

1. Hormone changes and gastrointestinal squeezing

When pregnancy is successful, the pregnant woman secretes many hormones to maintain the rapid development of the fetus, but these hormones can cause the intestinal function to reduce the intestinal function, such as weakening intestinal peristalsis.Many pregnant women feel that the stomach is always flatulence, because the gas in the stomach and intestines cannot be discharged in time, resulting in farting.In addition, as the uterus continues to grow, the intestines and stomach will be squeezed by the uterus, and the digestive ability will weaken.If the food is not digested well, there will be a lot of gases and the possibility of farting.

2. Diet and living habits

Improper dietary habits during pregnancy will increase this situation.Many pregnant women often eat too much nutrition.Eating too much will cause food accumulation, especially foods like sweet potatoes and onions that are likely to cause flatulence.Eating too many things can cause bloating and intestinal function burden, so it is easier to fart.

In order to reduce the probability of farting, you can eat some digestive foods and eat less digestible food.Drink plenty of water to detoxify or drink some yogurt, which helps digestion.In addition, exercise is a good way to promote intestinal function.Walking after meals is good for the body.You can also move back and forth at home, which can also promote exhaust and digestion.

The healthy diet and regular work are the key to promoting the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers must develop good habits, not only helping their health, but also a healthy and cute baby.

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