Do you need to separate milk for your baby?

Before having a child, I was a particularly lazy person who couldn’t even take care of myself, so after pregnancy, I originally intended to give it all to the child and grandma.When I was Huaibao, my pregnancy was very serious, and my stomach was particularly large. At that time, I was still in class. I had a hard time every day, and no one took care of it.I don’t know how to survive it.When my baby came out, I was obsessed with this cute little guy, and she couldn’t bear to leave my sight for a minute.The confinement is also particularly good, basically I take care of her by myself.Maybe she knew her mother’s hard work, and she never cried.

I went to work in four months, but I couldn’t bear to wean the child. In this way, I took her while working to one year and eight months.During the epidemic, I might not keep the nutrition myself, and the breast milk was almost gone. I had to start weaning her. My baby was very exclusive to the bottle and milk powder. During the breast milk period, I sucked the milk and poured her out.In the bottle, she would rather not drink a sip, just waiting for her mother to come back, fluttering in my arms, and stunned in her mouth, mother, neinei lying down, mother knows how happy it is, you feel like holding herThere is a little angel in your arms.

At that time, my parents said that let me bring them to them at night, and the child would easily forget to find my mother to ask for Neinei. I resolutely disagree. I don’t want my child to bear the pain of separation. From her birth, I never left her for more than half a day.It was okay one day during the day, and I told her at night, you have grown up, you ca n’t eat Neinei, okay, because the mother will hurt, she looks at me seriously, my mother, I do n’t eat Neinei in the future,I was holding a shaking and finally fell asleep, but she cried in a while. The baby cried very painful. She wanted Neinei for a long time and gave her it. I didn’t want to see her so painful.It is easy to wean, mainly at night.Before going to bed the next night, I told her again that the baby mother Neinei was broken. We couldn’t eat it in the future.Shouting in my mouth, my mother, I want Neinei, I will pat with it, the baby is sobbing and fell asleep, because I did n’t drink breast milk, I just hugged her one night, and I wiped some ginger on Neinei on the third day.After letting the baby tell the baby, the baby did not sleep without drinking Neinei two days ago. You are great. Do you want to try it yourself and see if it really breaks it? She took a sip and grinned.Mom, your Neinei is really broken. I will never eat it again. Since then, my little cuteness will never want Neinei anymore.The calculation is completely broken.Seriously, it is uncomfortable as a mother.

Later is how to let the child accept the problem of milk powder. At the beginning, I chose Jiabei Aitatan milk powder. This taste is lighter. Children will easily receive points. My child does not drink at the beginning.When I was, I fed it quickly. At the beginning, she spit it out. It lasted for half a month. One day, she suddenly drank the 200cc milk powder in the bottle. I was really happy. Mom was always afraid of the childNutrition can not keep up, the old mother’s heart, so that my child still refuses milk powder behind, I coaxed every time, even if she only took a bite, I would praise her.I received the milk powder, she told me that my mother I want to drink milk powder. I am really excited old tears. I know my baby has received milk powder from his heart. I told her that the baby’s milk powder is actually the same as her mother Neinei. She is every.I will say this before drinking milk powder. She is implying to herself or comforting. Such sensible makes me always feel a little guilty.

I have written a lot of hopes that mothers can have a little reference value. In short, do not separate weaning with the baby, causing the baby’s anxiety and anxiety to make the baby lack a sense of security.She knew everything in her heart.Then it takes a process for children to receive milk powder. Many mothers have given up after trying two or three times. They think that their children do not drink milk powder, then you are wrong. Our baby may be different from other babies. They need more. They need more.Try and encourage to receive milk powder, so mothers should try more encouragement, the baby will definitely receive milk powder.

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