Do you need to control the hyperthyroidism during pregnancy?The principle of dietary recuperation of hyperthyroidism mothers in hyperthyroidism is divided into three phases

Over -hyperthyroidism syndrome during pregnancy is caused by the physiological changes of pregnancy. Most of them occur in early pregnancy. The symptoms are generally not serious, and it has no great impact on pregnant women and fetuses. Most of them can be relieved by themselves.Anti -thyroid drug treatment is not required.

Overreal hyperthyroidism during pregnancy

Anti -thyroid drug treatment is not required.

The normal value of thyroid hormone (TSH) during pregnancy is based on the recommendation of the US thyroid association in 2012: the normal value of TSH in the early pregnancy is 0.1 ~ 2.5mlul, the second trimester is 0.2 ~ 3.0mlu/L, and the third trimester is 0.3 ~ 3.0mlu/L.TSH is in 2.5 ~ 4.5mlul, and the level of thyroid hormones is normal and can diagnose pregnancy as sub -clinical hypothyroidism.When TSH> 10mlu/child, the level of thyroid hormones is normal, it is clinical hypothyroidism and drug treatment must be given.

Hyperthyroidism Mother’s Diet Care Principles

First of all, be nutritious and balanced

In addition to maintaining their own metabolism every day after pregnancy, the food that is consumed every day must ensure the growth and development of the fetus.The metabolic rate of patients with hyperthyroidism increases and the calorie consumption is increased. If the mother of hyperthyroidism is not in time, it is in a state of malnutrition for a long time.Pregnant mothers are full of nutrition and equilibrium are the most basic health guarantees, but avoid high iodine seafood such as kelp, seaweed, mussels, seafish, shrimp skin, and sea rice.

Early pregnancy: Refer to the daily recommendation of the diet pagoda to maintain the balanced diet before pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy: an additional 200 grams of milk is increased per day, and the fish, poultry, eggs, and lean meat are increased by about 50 grams

In the third trimester: an additional 200 grams of milk is increased per day, and the fish, poultry, eggs, and lean meat are increased by about 125 grams

The daily calorie intake is higher than the normal pregnant mothers 15%to 50%of the schooling period. The basic metabolism of pregnant mothers is basically the same as before pregnancy.Mom increases the calories of 300 kcal per day in the second trimester.Due to the excessive secretion of hyperthyroidism with hyperthyroidism, the body metabolic speed is accelerated. The demand for calories and nutrients is higher than normal pregnant mothers.345 ~ 450 kcal of calories should be increased daily.

Crimize more than 100 grams of protein daily

When the secretion of thyroid hormones is excessive, the protein decomposition accelerates and the excretion increases, which can easily cause symptoms such as malnutrition and back pain.Therefore, hyperthyroidism mother needs additional protein, and it is best to consume more than 100 grams of protein daily.

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