Do you know you are pregnant?

When a small life starts to bred in your body, there will be wonderful changes in your body.The initial feeling is easy to be missed, so you need to understand the initial symptoms of pregnancy.After 2 weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy test strips can tell you the general answer, and you must go to the hospital for further examination in order to know if you are really pregnant.

Step 1: The first symptom of pregnancy

Do you feel nauseous?

You might feel like you want to vomit or nausea. Although you are also called ‘morning vomiting’, you may feel nauseous all day long.Your sense of smell will become sensitive, and the taste you like before may cause vomiting.

Is breast pain?

If your breasts are tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant.After your body adapts to a large number of hormones, this pain will fade, and your breasts will not feel uncomfortable.

Do you feel sleepy?

You who were originally energetic suddenly felt sleepy and fatigue, and a large amount of luteal secretion would make you feel exhausted.You can observe other symptoms to determine your judgment.

Is it going to the toilet again?

After the early pregnancy, the symptoms of increasing urination due to increasing uterine compression of the bladder often appear to the toilet frequently.Don’t worry, as the uterus gradually increases beyond the pelvic cavity, frequent urination will disappear naturally until the third trimester will appear again.

It seems to be a pre -syndrome?

Early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to pre -menstrual syndrome. You will feel abdominal pain, breast swelling, and the vagina may flow out of a small amount of light powder or brown secretions, making you feel like "old friends" is coming.

Suddenly want to eat strange things?

Suddenly I wanted to eat sour things, or I never liked things before.

Increased body temperature

If you measure the base temperature every day, you will find that the body temperature rises.

Step 2: Use accurate physiological test judgment

Wait patiently for your menstruation:

You feel some of the above signs and symptoms of pregnancy.What should I do now? The best indicator is your menstruation.If your physiological cycle is regular, then wait for menstruation to see what the result is.After more than 10 days, the possibility of pregnancy should be considered.

Self -tested with early pregnancy test strips:

You can buy early pregnancy test strips in the pharmacy. It can tell you whether you are pregnant by monitoring your HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine.In general, about 10-14 days after menstruation is delayed, pregnancy can be measured.It should be noted that under abnormalities such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidus, test strips will also be positive.

Go to the hospital!

The most reliable way to determine that pregnancy is to go to the hospital. Doctors will make an appointment for B -ultrasound for you. Through B -ultrasound, abnormalities such as ectopic pregnancy can be eliminated, and you can also calculate the real age of the fetus for you.

The expected date of how to count?

Generally, the number of gestational weeks starts from the first day of the last menstruation. The day of the day of 40 weeks (that is, 280 days) is your due date.From now on, you can mark your pregnancy weeks and monthly month in accordance with this date, remind the date of pregnancy, and record the baby’s daily growth.

Who should I tell?

your husband

If you are sure you are pregnant, you should tell your husband to let him share joy or share anxiety with you, and plan your future life with you.It is worth considering that the 1/5 pregnancy will end in abortion in the first three months, and your husband should be as mentally prepared as you.

Mom and girlfriend

Be sure to tell my mother that she is the person who can help you the most. If you get the mother’s personality in the process of pregnancy and fertility, you and your child will benefit a lot.Your best female friends will be willing to listen to your feelings and support you no matter whether you have giving birth.

Don’t tell other relatives, friends, colleagues and bosses first

It is best to tell them after three months of pregnancy that you can quietly understand the company’s treatment for maternal treatment from the female colleagues who have already giving birth.Pregnancy is more or less affected by your career. You must choose the right time and tell the boss.

I am pregnant, you may face anxiety

I’m not ready yet

No pre -pregnancy examination, no smoking quitting and drinking, no folic acid in advance, no money and house, and not even married … Will this affect the child?Should this unexpected surprise be left?

Don’t worry, many mothers, like you, are pregnant when they are not 100 % perfect, and have a healthy baby.Therefore, please relax and accept it. From now on, taking folic acid, it is not too late to improve living habits.

Unpredictable anxiety and sensitivity

After knowing that after pregnancy, I became very anxious and sensitive. I was always worried that I would be in such a situation. The baby could not be born safely; seeing some negative news would be more worried and afraid; it became particularly easy to move and excitement.The unbearable sensational plot made me tears in my eyes … what happened to me?

The changes in hormones can affect the emotions of women. On the other hand, these anxiety and sensitivity can also be regarded as the instinct of mother protecting their children, because from now on, you are already a mother.Put your troubles, including your worries and fears with your children in the future, talk to friends and loved ones, and don’t always be depressed.Take a look at beautiful things and believe that you can have a healthy and smart baby.

Don’t want children, accidental pregnancy is worrying

What should we do if we are not ready for children?

We just got married and we didn’t plan to ask for children. The arrival of the little guy was caught off guard.If you want to do abortion, when is the most suitable?

Artificial abortion can cause harm to women’s body and may cause infertility, so you must consider whether you must give up this little life.If you decide to do abortion, it is best to be within 10 weeks of pregnancy.

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