Do you know what is the normal progesterone value of two months of pregnancy?Let’s learn about the progesterone value during pregnancy

The progesterone values need to pay attention to the parameters that women need to pay attention to, because it is a steroid that affects women’s menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and embryos on humans and other animals.The abnormal elements of progesterone value will seriously affect the health of women. Therefore, in daily life, the majority of women need to go to the hospital to detect progesterone values.Warmly remind here that B -ultrasound can be checked at 50 days of pregnancy.

So, what is normal progesterone?

Normal reference value of progesterone:

Number of pregnancy HCG (IU/L)

0.2-1 Week 5-50

1-2 weeks 50-500

2-3 weeks 100-5000

3-4 weeks 500-10000

4-5 week 1000-50000

5-6 week 10000-100000

6-8 week 15000-200000

2- March 10000-100000

After 50 days of pregnancy, I went to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check progesterone and found that progesterone was low. What should I do?

Here we first understand the cause of low progesterone. Only by finding the reason can we better prevent and treat.

1. Lutectal dysfunction, ovarian luteal dysplasia, progesterone content decreases accordingly.

2. Severe dysfunction of adrenal glands and thyroid dysfunction can also affect ovarian function, cause ovulation disorders, and decreased progesterone content accordingly.

3. Insulin resistance in the body.

Then talk about what to do with low progesterone.

1. Hospital treatment

Because many female friends have low progesterone due to disease factors, endocrine dysfunction is the most common type.Therefore, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for relevant examinations in time to clarify the pathogenic factor, so that the symptoms can effectively achieve the purpose of cure diseases.

2. Food adjustment

Women can also adjust their progesterone values by diet, and consume the ingredients that contain rich soy isoflavones and natural e -E from food. For these ingredients in food, they can help women produce more progesterone themselves themselves.Essence

Kind tips:

Eating some fruits and rich fruits with rich dietary fiber can also help us to supplement progesterone, such as: kiwi, strawberries or grapefruit and other fruits can help women add vitamin C and vitamin E in the body, which can make it soMogoone reaches normal level.

Women usually pay attention to maintaining their own bodies, especially when they are pregnant, they must go to the hospital to check the progesterone values.Now, if you do a B -ultrasound for 50 days of pregnancy, you can check progesterone.After all, progesterone has a great effect on women. Fertility and embryonic development are related to progesterone. Usually, we must also pay attention to prevention. Eat more foods that are beneficial to regulating progesterone.In general, women must cherish their own bodies, and hope that this article can bring you some help.

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