Do you know three cold knowledge, do you know?

When you are thirsty, is your first reaction drinking water?But in fact, drinking milk is more thirsty.

A study in Britain shows that the hydration index of water is 1, and the real -person control test found that the milk replenishment index of milk is 1.5, which is more efficient than water.This is because after drinking a lot of water, the kidneys will receive instructions that "produce more urine and discharge excess water". In this way, the water will soon be discharged, and the effect of thirst is greatly reduced.And if the drink contains nutrients such as sugar, protein, fat, or electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, such as milk and orange juice, the stomach empty rate will slow down, the kidney will weaken the instructions to generate urine when the kidneys receive.It can help us slow down urination, so that moisture maintains a longer time in the body and play a role in quenching thirst.

Of course, it is not encouraged to replace water with milk and orange juice.I hope that everyone will develop good drinking habits, drink water at a high frequency, and do not wait until thirsty.

Which of the milk tea and coffee is more likely to make people insomnia?

Many people can sleep with tea and drink coffee, but they drink a cup of milk tea in the afternoon but insomnia. What is going on?It turns out that milk tea is not a simple milk+tea.The survey shows that milk tea on the market generally contain caffeine, and even the caffeine content of a cup of milk tea is more than 2 to 3 times that of a cup of American coffee, which is more likely to cause insomnia.Not only that, if caffeine intake is too much, or individuals are more sensitive to caffeine, they may also cause excitement, irritability, insomnia, and even tachycardia and arrhythmia.

At present, the scope of caffeine intake commonly accepted by the medical community is: healthy adults do not exceed 210 ~ 400mg a day (about 1 ~ 2 cups of 355ml American coffee).However, everyone’s physique is different. It is recommended not to drink too much and adjust according to personal conditions.

Why do you turn into a "little yellow man" when you eat too much oranges?

Orange contains a large amount of orange β carotene. If you eat too much at one time, the carotene enters the blood in large quantities, and the skin may be yellow. This symptom is called "carotene hemia".

However, it has no effect on health. As long as it reduces foods rich in β -carotene, such as orange, pumpkin, carrot, etc., yellow on the skin will slowly retreat.(June)

Source: Chinese Women’s Daily

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