Do you know if you are delayed or pregnant?

Women in pregnancy are very concerned about their menstruation. As long as the menstruation is delayed after the same room, I want to know if she is pregnant.Many women have questioned, can the menstrual period be postponed in the end?If you want to know if you are pregnant, you can get pregnant after 7 days of menstruation, which is more accurate at about 10 days.

The delay of menstruation is normal for a week. Of course, the early pregnancy paper can be tested. Generally, the longer the results of the pregnancy test, the more accurate the test. ThereforeThere will be errors.If the pregnancy test stick is tested at a relatively shallow, you cannot confirm whether you are pregnant. You can wait a few days and try to test, or go directly to the hospital for early pregnancy test.The accuracy of the pregnancy test stick of regular brands is about 85%to 95%.The pregnancy test stick is to confirm whether pregnancy is confirmed by testing the HCG contained in the urine.Women’s ovulation is about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Assuming fertilization at this time, the fertilized eggs need to produce HCG as soon as 6 or 7 days.In addition, HCG really starts to secrete a large quantity. After the bed is bed, the synthetic nourishing cells begin to secrete a large number of HCG, and the pregnant eggs will take at least 11 days.Therefore, if you want to be more accurate, wait for 11 days before using the pregnancy test stick to detect.When using early pregnancy paper, get up early to check the most accurate. It is best to urinate, but do not drink too much water, otherwise it will affect the accuracy.

Note that menstruation is not necessarily pregnant!Generally speaking, even if menstruation is delayed for more than 7 days, menstruation delayed, and delayed menstruation is one of the symptoms of irregular menstruation.The delay of menstruation has made many women have the same question, that is, they don’t know if they are pregnant.

In fact, menstruation delay is not possible to get pregnant. Specifically, it needs to be analyzed according to different situations of each person, and even if there is no contraceptive measures, there may be no successful conception.As far as the cause of menstruation is delayed, the first reason is pregnancy. Of course, other reasons need to be considered, such as endocrine disorders and gynecological diseases.

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