do you know?Women appear to be black after the armpit and neck after pregnancy, please know the pregnant mother

Guide: Since my neck and armpits have gradually turned black since I was pregnant, I have recently become darker. The armpit of the neck is like being washed and quiet, but I have bathing normally every day, especially in the neck in summer.It ’s embarrassing to wear a low -neck. Why do you turn black after pregnancy?Help: What happened to the underarms and necks during pregnancy?Can I recover after giving birth?

What happened to the underarms and necks during pregnancy?

Many women have a dark condition after pregnancy. This is a very normal phenomenon. Pregnancy, increased estrogen, progesterone secretion, lutein secretion increase, at the same time, pituitary secretion to promote melanin cell hormoneEstrogenoids have melanocyte stimulation effects. These substances are very likely to form black pigment precipitation on subcutaneous tissue and inner joints, causing the skin to become black.

Because the constitution of each pregnant mother is different, the skin tone changes will be different.Some pregnant mothers ‘skin changes may be obvious, but some pregnant mothers’ skin may not see these changes.This is a normal phenomenon. There is no need to treat it. At the same time, it is better to keep local cleaning. Do good care during pregnancy, increase comprehensive nutrition, and help your health.

After pregnancy, the armpit and neck become black. Can I recover after giving birth?

During the pregnancy of the underarms and necks during pregnancy, there are too many progesterone in the body, causing the symptoms of melanin to appear.Don’t worry too much. Generally, after childbirth, the hormonal hormone in the body returns to normal state. Over time, melanin will naturally fade slowly, or even completely disappear.Generally speaking, it will recover, but there are also other Bao moms that can fade, but they cannot recover the previous state.

Reminder: Many pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have a dark body. This is a common pregnancy reaction. As long as pregnant mothers usually pay attention to their diet, it is light, and they should be matched with them., Cold, hot food.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t pick eaters.Go to the hospital to check the development of the fetus regularly. After the baby is born, the skin will slowly return to the original skin color.

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