Do you endure or relieve medicine during pregnancy?Pregnant women do not have to "talk about changes in medicine"!

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey of uniqueness, and pregnancy is also a long war of all soldiers.Women after pregnancy will become particularly sensitive, for fear that a little negligence will hurt the baby.Especially in the use of drugs, many people dare not take any medicine during pregnancy, for fear that it will endanger their children’s health.Today, Xiaobian is here to understand whether you can take medicine during pregnancy and what you need to pay attention to when taking medicine!

Drugs are taken within one week after the egg fertilization. The fertilized eggs have not been planted in the endometrium, and are generally not affected by the drug.If the medicine is used within 1 to 2 weeks after fertilization, the fertilized eggs have been planted in the uterine membrane, but the tissue has not yet been differentiated. The effect of the drug produced except for abortion, which does not cause tears and is a safe period.Medically, the relationship between "all or no" is used to describe the impact of medication before pregnancy, that is, if the drug is severe, the embryo will be stopped. If the drug is safe, the fetus will not affect the embryo.

The National Pharmaceutical Food Management Commission classified commonly used drugs A, B, C, D, and X.Class A drugs are safe, and clinical drugs do not belong to Class A, except for several vitamins.Drugs belonging to Class B have at least no clear teratogenic effect.Class B drugs include some antibiotics, such as penicillin, vanguard antibiotics, and erythromycin.There are also some drugs that belong to Class C and D drugs.Class D drugs are mainly adapted to diseases, which pose a great threat to the life of pregnant women. When the application of this type of drug during pregnancy is greater than the disadvantages of pregnant women than the fetus, we can weigh the advantages and disadvantages.Class X drugs cannot be applied during pregnancy because it has too much impact on embryos and fetuses.

1. Cold during pregnancy

When I am pregnant, the most unavoidable is a cold.If the pregnant woman has a cold, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and rest in full. Try to avoid medication.If you really need to use medicine, you can use some Chinese medicine granules such as Banlangen.When taking other drugs, you need to see the toxic and side effects of the drug and follow the doctor’s advice.

2. Toothache during pregnancy

After pregnancy, some people are prone to brushing teeth bleeding, toothache, and even swelling, dare not eat, I don’t know what to do.In this regard, Gai Mingying, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Union Hospital, said this:

After pregnancy, endocrine changes are easy to swell in the gums, and the habit of eating after pregnancy has changed, such as eating foods with sour taste. If you cannot brush your teeth frequently, rinse your mouth, it is easy to occur during periodontitis, gingivitis, and even dental caries.EssenceWhen dental disease occurs, you must go to the dentist to get the necessary health knowledge and treatment.However, if there is a dental disease, it is best to avoid when you need to do an X -ray examination. You must do it when you do it.Tooth extraction should be done well after giving birth.During the treatment of tooth inflammation, antibiotics of anaerobic bacteria such as metronidazole and tinidazole are currently not sure of the side effects of the fetus. It is necessary to use it with caution, and choose non -anaerobic antibiotic antibiotics.The health care of the teeth should focus on prevention, that is, if there is dental disease before pregnancy, it should be treated in time. Do not stay until pregnancy, causing difficulty in treatment.Pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy, rinse your mouth every time you eat, and brush your teeth to prevent the breeding of bacteria in the mouth.

3. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids, and the incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is as high as 76%.If the hemorrhoids of pregnant women are not improved for a long time, they will cause anemia to varying degrees, which will affect the normal development of the fetus.At the same time, in addition to being unsatisfactory, the bowel movement is easy to cause hemorrhoids, which also causes human waste to stay in the intestinal tube. After a long time, the moisture in the metabolites in the body is evaporated, and it is more difficult to excrete the body. At the same time, some toxins are spread.Metabolic products are absorbed by the human body, which can cause poisoning.This will cause a lot of harm to both pregnant women and fetuses.But because of the babies in the stomach, many people dare not take medicine easily.

In this regard, the chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Beijing Union Hospital said:

Although hemorrhoids can be treated with surgery, surgery is generally not suitable for late pregnancy.Moreover, due to the decrease in intra -abdominal pressure and intravenous return disorder, hemorrhoids can often be used to shrink on their own within 3 to 4 months. Surgical treatment is no longer needed. After pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoidsCome to treat, generally do not use surgery.Even if the condition is very serious, surgical treatment is not performed until the puzzle.

1. Do not eat spicy foods, eat less food that is less easy to digest, and eat more cellulose food.

2. Smoked bath: You can use rhubarb, yellow cypress, yellowcen, sophisticated or wormwood, pepper, locust horn or locust flower, purslane, fig, and potter leaf fried water, twice daily or morning and evening.Wash the affected area for 15-20 minutes each time.Pharmaceuticals such as hemorrhoids can be used after defecation.

3. Reduce the time of standing or sitting for a long time to make the blood circulation smoother.

4. Pregnant women can also do some movements to promote local blood circulation in the anus: shrink the anus for 1 minute by themselves, shrink after relaxation, 3 times in a row, 3 to 7 times a day.

In short, medication during pregnancy is a thing that requires extra cautiousness. Do not resist hard when expectant mothers are sick.Do you need to be careful when taking medicine. Please seek medical treatment before.Well, finally I wish all mothers can have a healthy and smart baby!

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