Do women have these changes?Congratulations on you are pregnant, don’t know if you are a mother

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The cousin has been prepared for 2 months, but has not yet been recruited.She came to ask me a few days ago and said that she would react when she was pregnant. She wanted to know in advance, otherwise she would not know if she was pregnant.The cousin also said that one of her colleagues did not know that she was 3 months of pregnancy, and was informed by the doctor by the doctor organized by the unit.I said that cousin wants to understand the reaction of early pregnancy in advance, and then I list her some common early pregnancy reactions.Although each woman’s reaction will be different, it is basically that.If you also have these reactions during pregnancy, this is a signal of pregnancy, but don’t know not to know.

Common early pregnancy response

1. Aoretseng

Many pregnant women will have anorexia in the early stages of pregnancy. Some foods that I like before can not be eaten at all; some smells will vomit nausea when they smell.Although there is no complete scientific explanation at present, it is speculated that this is related to hormones that have grown rapidly in early pregnancy.

2. Emotional fluctuations

After women, women have changed their mood after pregnancy, and often angry, lose their temper, and cry.The reason why pregnant women have changed this is mainly because the hormones in the body have changed, which affects the nerve conduction substances.For this change in pregnant women, family members must give full understanding and tolerance.And try to make pregnant women angry as much as possible, so that she can keep her positive and pleasant mood.

3. Bloating

The changes in hormones after pregnancy can cause abdominal distension. This feeling is almost the same as before menstruation.Some pregnant women’s abdominal distension is more obvious, the clothes will be more personal and the abdomen will be tighter.However, at this time, the uterus of a pregnant woman is still very small, and there will be no increase in abdominal circumference.Generally speaking, this bloating is caused by slowing intestinal movement and flatulence.

4. frequent urination

In early pregnancy, changes in hormones can also cause other changes, such as blood can increase the kidney filtering through the kidneys.In this case, the speed of bladder filling will become faster, and the number of pregnant women will increase.Generally, frequent urination will appear in the 6th week of pregnancy, and as the pregnancy week increases, frequent urination will be more serious.The frequent urination of pregnant women is also related to the increase in blood capacity, and the abdomen is constantly increasing to compress the bladder.

5. fatigue and weakness

After pregnancy, the feeling of fatigue or fatigue will come suddenly, which is also related to the changes in hormone levels of pregnant women.In addition, pregnant women are pregnant early and vomiting, and the toilet to go to the toilet frequently at night will also cause fatigue during the day.This symptom will continue until the middle of pregnancy, and after that, pregnant women will feel energetic.

6. chest pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, the chest will become very sensitive, the swelling will appear, and the chest will become larger, which will also be related to the increase in related hormones in pregnancy.This feeling of pregnant women’s chest is similar to before menstruation, so some women have this feeling that they think they are coming.When the pregnant woman’s body adapts to the change of hormones, the feeling of chest pain will be reduced and disappeared.

7. menopause

Most pregnant women find that they are pregnant by this signal.If your menstruation has always been regular, but if you have not come for more than a week, it may be pregnant.Women can test at home pregnancy test sticks, or go to the hospital for blood testing.

8. Sport temperature rise

Some women insist on body temperature during pregnancy, which can judge whether they are pregnant through changes in body temperature.If you find that the foundation continues to decline for more than 18 days, it is likely to be pregnant.

9. Nausea, vomiting

The disgusting response appeared in the first two weeks of pregnancy, but most pregnant women only appeared in 1-2 months of pregnancy.The nausea of pregnant women can appear at any time of the day, and some will accompany the symptoms of vomiting, and some are not.Generally, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting of pregnant women will not disappear until 14 weeks, and some of them may last for 4 or 5 months.

Tao Ma said: If you are preparing for pregnancy, or if you plan to ask for a child, you need to know these early pregnancy reactions.And pay attention to observation during pregnancy, don’t know if you are pregnant, you don’t even know, you need to remind others.How did you know that you were pregnant?

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