Do pregnant women infect the new crown to terminate pregnancy?How to ensure the safety of children and children during the epidemic?Expert answer

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On the afternoon of July 11, the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference to introduce the work of consolidating prevention and control results and ensuring the health of women and children.During the prevention and control of the normalization epidemic, what kind of maternal examination must be done during the prevention and control of the epidemic?What should I do if there is no nucleic acid detection certificate for emergency delivery?The press conference today will answer you.

The new coronary pneumonia’s epidemic will reduce the progress of partially protecting women’s rights and interest measures by 1/3

Today is the 31st World Population Day.The United Nations Population Fund’s representative Hongteng in China introduced at the press conference that the recent research by the United Nations Population Fund showed that if the blockade measures last for 6 months, health services will be severely interrupted, and there will be tens of millions of countries in low -income and middle -income countries.Women may not be able to obtain modern contraceptives, causing millions of women to get pregnant by accidents, and there may be many gender -based violent events.In this decade, the Population Fund is expected that the new crown epidemic will enable the world to end the prevented maternal death, family planning, and preventing gender -based violence and the progress of harmful practices against women and girls.

What is the current situation of maternal and infants in the country?

Since the new crown epidemic, the National Health and Health Commission has issued a series of policy measures to ensure the safety and health of pregnant women’s lives.

First, promote relevant policy guidelines in a timely manner to guide local governments to protect the new crown epidemic in pregnant women.

Second, strengthen the classification management and targeted guidance of pregnant women.Details >>

Can pregnant women reduce the frequency of mothers during the epidemic?

Song Li, deputy director of the Maternal and Child Department of the National Health Commission, said that on the basis of strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure that the protection is in place, strive to meet the needs of maternal health care services.By expanding and innovative service models, medical institutions reduce the frequency of pregnant women from going to the hospital.And optimize the service process, reduce the time for maternal and family members to wait in line in the hospital, promote the reservation of diagnosis and treatment during the time period, and reduce the pressure of centralized consultation.

What are the critical births of mothers during normalization prevention and control?

Zhao Yangyu, director of the obstetrics department of the Third Hospital of Peking University, said that the following five key production examinations during normal prevention and control must be done:

First, the ultrasound examination should be done between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is the first time, which is more critical;

Second, prenatal screening, including Tang’s syndrome and screening of non -invasive DNA. The time point of the Tang syndrome is 15 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy. The non -invasive DNA is between 12 weeks and 23 weeks. This is also very important;

Third, you need to do a B -ultrasound during 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, which mainly exclude whether the fetus has abnormal malformations;

Fourth, do a glucose tolerance test between 24 weeks and 28 weeks to screen the risk of diabetes;

Fifth, the B -ultrasound examination should be completed again during the 29th to 32th weeks of pregnancy. The inspection mainly understands the growth and development of the fetus. It is also necessary to check whether the fetus has abnormal risks.Inspection of heart monitoring.

What should I do if I have no test of nuclear testing for pregnant women with urgent delivery?

Song Li, deputy director of the Maternal Department of the National Health and Health Commission, said that to ensure the safety of maternal life and the first time in emergency situations, it is the consistent principle and requirements.

Pregnant women are infected with new crowns, do you want to terminate pregnancy?

The severity of the overall condition of the new crown of pregnancy is basically similar to that of the general population, which means that the probability of turning into severe illnesses after pregnancy is not higher than that of the new crown.There is no evidence that the new crown of pregnancy must be terminated.

What should I do if children see a doctor during the normalization epidemic prevention and control?

Wang Quan, director of the Emergency Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that during the prevention and control of the normalization epidemic, taking the child to take the clinic should make an appointment in advance, and the principle of medical treatment is the nearest.Parents should try to avoid going to hospitals with too large traffic and reduce the accompanying personnel during the consultation.

How should we protect their children to the playground?

Wang Quan, director of the Emergency Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, introduced that parents should follow the prevention and control requirements of the venue when they take their children to the playground or sports venue.At the same time, it is reminded that children should not touch their eyes, mouth and nose with unclean hands, and do their hands and children’s hand hygiene.

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